Variable Speed Drives


FR-A800 Series

VSD A800

High performance and high quality new type inverter of the highest level. Improves drive performance, pursues ease of use and also applies to safety standards.

FR-A770 Series

VSD A700

Mitsubishi FR-A700 –  with real vector control can be performed using a motor with an encoder

FR-F700 Series

VSD F700_300

Evolution of inverter products suited for fan and pump applications, providing energy saving capabilities for buildings as well as for whole factories.

FR-E700 Series

VSD E700_300

The FR-E700 Series features all-rounders and miniature masterpieces in compact size.

FR-D700 Series

VSD D700

The FR-D700 Series is a small-format drives standard and provides an easy entry to the world of modern variable speed drive technology.

Engineering software

VSD Software

Troubleshooting with your PC! Easy setup.