5 Year Groupwide Licensing Agreement with Umgeni Water

Umgeni Water, a state-owned entity, is one of Africa’s most successful organisations involved in water management and is the largest supplier of bulk potable water in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The organisation was established in 1974, to provide water services – water supply and sanitation to other water institutions in its area.

Adroit Technologies has secured a 5-year Groupwide Licensing Agreement with a 5-year Service Level Agreement which will enable Umgeni access to the latest technologies.  The objective of the Groupwide Licensing Agreement and Service Level Agreement “is to make it easy for customers to deploy new technologies, so as to remain on the cutting edge and realize the benefits.

Adroit will be offering Umgeni software licensing upgrades with all our SCADA related offering as well as projects on AI and Machine learning, as well as preventative maintenance and project strategies which will incorporate local System Integrators in the KZN that work with Adroit Technologies.



– Increase licensing for system size and remote clients on existing systems

– New licensing for current and future products under single SWL contract


– Receive the latest version on all Adroit Technologies products at reduced rates


– Maintain and grow on-site skill sets with on-site training courses


– SLA and engineering assistance hour bundles can be included in GWL


– Avoid CAPEX and budgetary constraints, fixed cost per annum excl. CPIX

– Total capital cost is amortized over a 3 – 5 year period to reduce spend

– End customer takes ownership of all licenses issued under GWL

For more information regarding our Group/Sitewide Licensing Agreements contact:  info@adroit.co.za