Application ready Sigfox device

Product Overview

ADR-PRESSURE is an application ready Sigfox device that measures and transmits pressure data. ADR-PRESSURE provides the connection to the global Sigfox IoT
Network for reliable and secure communications. The configuration of the device can be done via the network allowing the choice of transmission rate and operation mode.
Specifically designed for the IoT world, depending on operating conditions and mode it can last up to 3 years without having to change the battery.

Operational Overview

The ADR-PRESSURE unit can be selected to work in various modes. Each mode will impact on battery life and which Sigfox data contract would be required.

• MODE 1: Sample every X minutes/seconds, transmit every Y minutes selectable and within Sigfox contract – min, max, average period.
• MODE 2: Set the lower and upper alarm limits sample every X minutes/seconds, transmit every Y minutes selectable and within Sigfox contract – min, max, average unless
either high or low limits are breached for more than Z samples in which case send a sample immediately and start transmitting every A minutes until pressure within limits (stable) for more than B samples.


  • Pressure ranges: 0-10 bar or 0-20 bar (with 2 times overpressure absorption)
  • Data through Sigfox compliant radio networks
  • Long range connectivity
  • Low power design with up to 3+ years autonomy (typically measured by no of transmissions, battery life = approximately 50 000 transmissions, depending on operating temperature)

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