Adroit at the Africa Automation Technology Fair


Automating Africa…

Adroit at the Africa Automation Technology Fair

“Accelerating Digital Transformation: Unleashing the Power of Data with Adroit Technologies at Africa Automation Fair 2023.”

Revolutionizing Data Management for Manufacturing Industry

Adroit at the Africa Automation Technology Fair

Adroit Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation, leading providers of innovative automation solutions, made a significant impact at the recently concluded Africa Automation Technology Fair by showcasing their groundbreaking approach to harnessing real-time production data through cloud integration. As the Official Authorised Distributor for Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation, Adroit Technologies presented an impressive range of products including SCADA, PLCs, HMIs, VSDs, Motion Control, and Robots, alongside their Adroit Digital Services aimed at enabling seamless data migration to the cloud.

The event, held at the prestigious Gallagher Convention Centre, attracted industry professionals, technologists, and manufacturers seeking the latest advancements in automation technology. Adroit Technologies’ presence was met with great anticipation, as they unveiled their visionary strategy of leveraging cloud services to empower businesses in taking their production data to new heights.

The focal point of Adroit Technologies’ exhibition was their ability to seamlessly integrate machines and processes with cloud infrastructure. By bridging the gap between the shop floor and the cloud, they enable manufacturers to tap into the vast potential of real-time data for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and decision-making.

“With the rise of Industry 4.0, the need for effective data management has become paramount. Our goal is to empower manufacturers with the tools and solutions necessary to harness the power of real-time production data,”

Adroit Technologies’ partnership with Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation brings a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies to the African market. From SCADA systems that provide centralized monitoring and control, to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) that facilitate seamless machine communication, their product range covers every aspect of automation.

In addition to their extensive product lineup, Adroit Technologies’ Adroit Digital Services have emerged as a game-changer in the industry. By leveraging the latest cloud services, they facilitate the smooth transition of real-time production data to cloud-based platforms. This integration enables manufacturers to gain deeper insights, optimize operations, and make data-driven decisions.

“We understand that the cloud is the future of data management, and our digital services are designed to unlock its true potential for our clients. By leveraging the latest advancements in cloud technology, we empower businesses to drive digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition,”.

The Africa Automation Technology Fair provided an ideal platform for Adroit Technologies to showcase its integrated digital transformation strategy. Their booth, located at Stand D501 – D504, attracted a steady stream of visitors throughout the event. Attendees had the opportunity to witness first-hand the seamless connectivity between machines and cloud infrastructure and explore the immense possibilities that await in the era of digitization.

As the industry moves towards a more interconnected future, Adroit Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation remain at the forefront of innovation. Their commitment to revolutionizing data management and cloud integration solutions positions them as a trusted partner for businesses looking to unlock the full potential of their real-time production data.

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