Sigfox Connect Conference Singapore

The Largest Platform to Connect Industries with IoT solution providers !

Article Published – December 2019

Sigfox Connect is the unique platform matching Global industries (Supply Chain and Logistics, Chemicals, Automotive, Mail, Utilities) and NGOs ( Park Monitoring and security, Wildlife tracking) with solutions providers and IoT makers using the Sigfox 0G network.

Since the launch of personal computing in 1983, we have faced a technology revolution every 12 years. In 1995, few visionaries were able to predict and jump on this revolution – but those who did benefitted from first-mover advantage. Today, we couldn’t live without Internet and its developments.

We experienced the same phenomenon in 2007 with the launch of the smart phone industry. Now in 2019, it’s time for the Internet of Things (IoT) to take off. The IoT collects and refines data to create value. While IoT devices have been designed and manufactured, the real value of the IoT will be realized once organizations are able to make the leap from data extraction to data insights.

Sigfox Connect is the only event that will cover all the components of your IoT success. Our 0G network has been designed to cover the planet with an unbeatable value proposition. No one can produce data more cost-effectively and energy efficiently, with the highest reliability and greatest coverage! These two days in Singapore, we will reveal additional network features and ROI optimizations for our customers. We are committed to accelerating the IoT revolution.
 Ludovic Le Moan, CEO Sigfox