How much of your factory’s potential is actually hidden?

The Adroit Enterprise OEE is a highly effective performance management tool, which evaluates how effectively a manufacturing operation is performing.

Adroit Enterprise OEE can be used on single or multiple production lines and from one to several plants. It is suitable for all types of manufacturing processes including discrete, continuous or batch.

Increases Competitiveness

With the Adroit Enterprise OEE solution, manufacturers are able to identify problems, constraints and bottlenecks within production systems.

Return on Investment

Companies can now prove the return on investment through measurable data provided by the Adroit
Enterprise OEE solution.

Visualizing Performance

The Adroit Enterprise OEE enables manufactures to visualize shop-floor performance in real-time.

Reduced Machinery Costs

With Adroit Enterprise OEE, companies are able to anticipate events that represent efficiency and savings

Production Insight

Live data provided by the Adroit Enterprise OEE solutions can provide insights and knowledge to reduce
unplanned downtime, increase speed and quality.

Real-time Performance Reporting

Adroit Enterprise OEE has built-in management and real-time performance reporting. Early detection of
problems mean less downtime and production losses.

“You can't manage what you can't measure.” 

Adroit Enterprise OEE delivers insight – a precise picture of how efficient your manufacturing process is running.

The role of Availability, Performance, and Quality is to deliver precise information to find the cause of lost productivity.

Understanding how your whole factory is performing at any given time is essential in keeping the focus on the most critical tasks at hand and not wasting time.

OEE Reports

Adroit Enterprise OEE is supplied with comprehensive Web-based OEE Management Reports.

- Downtime Survey Reports
- Production Reports
- Log in / Log out Report

- Production Dashboards
- Production Summary
- Production per hour

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