Adroit HMI SCADA Software

Following market demands Adroit Technologies has introduced a reduced functionality, low cost version of the highly successful Adroit SCADA Software to the market. The focus is the machine builder and more simple HMI requirements that do not require the capabilities of the full Adroit SCADA software.

However, unlike most competitive stand-alone solutions the Adroit HMI software allows users to license 1 remote operator/design client. This allows the user to have more visibility into the plant or machine being controlled.

This feature also allows the user to change the HMI project remotely. Designing the HMI solution is made easy with the HMI tools that are available. These include the project creation wizard, navigation templates, wizards and shapes and various other tools that are shipped as part of the Adroit HMI Software product.In addition Adroit HMI Software supports simultaneous connections to over 100 different controllers.

Being based on the Adroit SCADA Software architecture means that users have access to various Agents when configuring the I/O, allowing a more object-oriented approach to configuration. Users are therefore not limited to simple tag based configuration but have access to all the power of a SCADA, including unlimited alarming, logging, scripting and interaction to the database that allows for a far more flexible and powerful solution.

Intelligent solutions - open HMI solutions

Unlimited alarming and datalogging

Single remote client view connections

Single remote client view connections

Reasons to Use HMI

Adroit Technologies has introduced a reduced functionality,  low cost version of the highly successful Adroit SCADA Software to the market.

Open HMI solutions

Communications capability to all of the Mitsubishi range of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs),

Scripting supported

Allows the user to create VB/Java scripting and the Client or Smart User Interface offers full support of and C#

User-friendly object based Agents

Includes basic Agents such as the Integer, Real, Analog, Boolean, Digital, Date, Expression and Timer Agents.

Unlimited data logging and Historian functionality

Efficient native logging system for unlimited trending and can log to a SQL database with no limitations or additional costs.

Library of graphics objects

Ships with over 300 static and dynamic objects. Users can design their own wizards and templates.

Multiple Operator/View client connections

For more visibility and access to a user’s process, 1 additional operator/design client can be purchased to connect to the I/0 Server (Agent Server).

Easy upgrade path

Adroit HMI Software can be upgraded seamlessly to the Adroit SCADA Software or MAPS versions by simply upgrading the license.

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