Track, Monitor & Control Assets for Smarter Decision Making

ADR-Alert Brochure

ADR-Aqua Brochure

ADR-Tamp PIR & Magnetic

ADR-Thermo Brochure

ADR-Pressure Brochure

ADR-Tamp Brochure

ADR-Air Quality Sensor

ADR-Track Brochure

ADR-Track Nano Brochure

ADR-Util Brochure

ADR-Ultra Sonic Level

Full Brochure of all sensors

ADR-Util 4-20mA Brochure

Dry Contact 3 Input

Track, Monitor & Control Assets for Smarter Decision Making

The Adroit  IIoT platform is a customisable hardware and software platform that enables users to rapidly deploy and integrate cloud-based data for monitoring and control purposes. We have created the Adroit IIoT platform to make it easy for people to build their own monitoring and control applications. It consists of hardware that is used to acquire and transfer data to the Adroit I/O Server software in the cloud. The data can be visualised, alarmed, and put into databases for real-time operations or reporting purposes.

Here at Adroit, we are integrating sensors into our Adroit Enterprise IoT platform where the monitoring and detection of real-time data are made simple and effective with a variety of sensors and networks to meet the customer’s needs.

Adroit IoT as a Platform

Need the most open, advanced and scalable industrial SCADA platform on the market? We Are Experts!

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