Secure Remote Access on any Device Anywhere

IoT as a Platform

IoT as a Platform



Smart and Simple Adroit Software

Adroit SCADA Intelligence is an out-of-the-box data warehousing and business intelligence solution that collects, processes and organises historical data from disparate data sources into a structured industry standard data model (ISA-95 Expanded Equipment Hierarchy). The resulting information is then made available on a common platform to enable informed decision making.


Adroit is a completely open architecture and can share information with external applications with very little effort

Architecture and redundancy technology

Drivers to PLCs and RTUs

Logging and Alarming

Object-based Architecture


Built-in Auditing Capability

Modern Graphical User Interface

Built-in Wizards and Templates

Built-in Bulk Engineering Tools

Built-in SNMP

Integration into Alarm Management and Report Suite

Integration into the Adroit SCADA Intelligence Platform




Web and Mobile SCADA

You can now literally take your SCADA on the move! With any mobile device, you will have access to key areas of your process control system at any time or place. Because the Performance Anywhere Operator is a simplified user interface, functionality and detail are at an easier level, reducing the skillset required to use and operate.



We currently require an intermediate BI/SQL Developer to join us on a variety of projects including development of our BI Solution (Product) as well as implementing projects through our solution. This position offers exposure to the latest technologies within the BI stack, as well as organic progression and on-the-job training. As the company plans to employ new technologies, there would also be potential to gain exposure and be part of the process.


Adroit M2M and IoT – Platform

The Adroit IoT Platform is a customisable hardware and software platform that enables users to rapidly deploy and integrate cloud based data for monitoring and control purposes.

We created the Adroit M2M platform with a view to making it easy for people to build their own monitoring and control applications.

It consists of hardware that is used to acquire and transfer data to the Adroit I/O Server software in the cloud. The data can be visualized, alarmed and put into databases for real-time operations or reporting purposes.

The unique selling feature is the speed that users can build their own solutions. Testament to this was the generator remote monitoring and management solution that Adroit Technologies built for the MTN M2M challenge that was built in under 3 weeks.

The Adroit M2M Platform platform is ideally suited to markets such as remote asset management, smart cities, utilities, and power, or any machines monitoring applications.

Adroit Certified as a Sigfox IoT Platform

Adroit has been certified for commercial use as an IIoT platform by Sigfox.

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Hardware – Visiosoft

Adroit has written multiple protocols that are compatible with most of the Visiosoft smart sensor.

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Iot Platform: Key Features and Benefits

The Adroit IoT platform provides a secure, integrated rapid development platform to create rich information dashboards that seamlessly integrate information from multiple data sources.

The Adroit IoT Platform is a certified SIGFOX IoT Platform and has communication objects for various Sigfox sensors working and certified for our platform. These include meter reading, tracking, environmental monitoring etc

The Adroit IoT platform is globally supported and allows for easy integration with a variety of devices communicating on IoT protocols/networks such as Sigfox, Modbus, MQTT, LoRa etc.

Customers can purchase a single tenant license, sized for their requirements, scale the license from small to start with and simply pay for bigger systems as and when they require. Adroit Technologies are flexible in the licencing and can do once off purchase or revenue share models that suit the market and or managed service being offered.

In its traditional SCADA role the Adroit IoT platform can be found in almost every industry, it is a horizontally oriented platform, and the flexibility makes it suitable for any vertical application development.

e.g. Water, Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, manufacturing, Telecoms, Facilities Management, and Defence

Public Key Infrastructure (2048 cipher strength); Access control on each data point; Communication Encryption (RSA Asymmetric); Strict user/group based access (Active Directory/LDAP).

The secure Web-Services facilitates customised dashboard and user specific user interface development. The benefit of using the Adroit IoT platform is that it offers secure log-on and secure access to any data available through the Adroit IoT Server datasource architecture.

The Adroit IoT platform is a Services Oriented application built on Microsoft .NET. It offers full API connectivity that will allow customised dashboard development. Dashboards can be built-in the products own Design environment, which is built on the WinForms technology and is fully customisable by the user in that any standard .NET controls can be hosted within the forms environment.

The Adroit IoT Platform currently supports over 100 industry standard protocol drivers and through the datasource mechanism and driver development kit this can be extended.

Ready to use software library of widgets where customer can drag and drop based on their application requirements. Adroit offers users the ability to minimise their engineering, maximise the quality of the solution when the Object Model is used.

The Adroit IoT platform is an open platform that allows data to be logged, or pushed to any OLEDB compliant database. Time or event based triggering allows the user complete control of this. In addition using the Adroit SCADA Intelligence Reporting product allows context based reporting and analytical solutions.

Build YOUR unique M2M and IoT solution using the Adroit IIoT platform