Adroit M2M and IIoT – Platform

Adroit Certified as a Sigfox IIoT Platform

Adroit has been certified for commercial use as an IIoT platform by Sigfox.

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Hardware – Visiosoft

Adroit has written multiple protocols that are compatible with most of the Visiosoft smart sensor.

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Adroit M2M and IIoT – Platform

Intelligent, Robust, Flexible, Simple, M2M Platform

The Adroit is a customisable hardware and software platform that enables users to rapidly deploy and integrate cloud based data for monitoring and control purposes.

We created the Adroit M2M platform with a view to making it easy for people to build their own monitoring and control applications.

It consists of hardware that is used to acquire and transfer data to the Adroit I/O Server software in the cloud. The data can be visualized, alarmed and put into databases for real-time operations or reporting purposes.

The unique selling feature is the speed that users can build their own solutions. Testament to this was the generator remote monitoring and management solution that Adroit Technologies built for the MTN M2M challenge that was built in under 3 weeks.

The Adroit M2M Platform platform is ideally suited to markets such as remote asset management, smart cities, utilities, and power, or any machines monitoring applications.


Hardware Component

Hardware Inputs

Adroit I/O Board

Mitsubishi PLC

Mitsubishi RTU

OEM Boards

Atmel Atmega 2560

Arduino Mega

Arduino UNO

Intel Edison


Software Component

Agent Server - I/O Server

Device Management

Data Aquisition



Real Time Data

Smart User Interface Server

Graphics Server

Data Interface to Agent Server

Data Interface to other Databases

Interface to Business Systems

Expose all data via Web Services


Adroit Smart UI



Custom Webpages

Custom Mobile Apps



SCADA Intelligence

Alarm Management

Business Intelligence

Build YOUR unique M2M and IIoT solution using the Adroit IIoT platform

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