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Adroit SCADA is validated as an IoT platform by SIGFOX

Last year, the leading Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and industrial automation software supplier Adroit Technologies expanded its offerings through its partnership with Sqwidnet, the licensed SIGFOX Internet of Things (IoT) network operator in South Africa. SIGFOX is the leading provider of global IoT connectivity with network deployments in 36 countries at present.

Article published – March 2018

From the mid-March 2018, Adroit Technologies has been certified as a SIGFOX partner for devices and for their SCADA platform. Adroit has been validated as an IoT platform and is now listed on the partner’s page. This presents an opportunity for IoT applications and service providers to use Adroit Technologies’ cloud-based SCADA system and industrial-automation platforms.

Adroit Technologies has demonstrated that they are a leading technology company with two important dimensions: a great understanding of the IoT world and technology; and a willingness to go the extra mile for their customers.

The new platform allows data from sensors and devices to be delivered to the Adroit-hosted platform environment through the global communications solution firm Sigfox’s IoT network, which is provided in South Africa by SqwidNet. Partners and end-users that buy Adroit will be able to connect and use it seamlessly as a data-acquisition and application layer software solution.

Adroit Technologies has several IoT objects already built and has committed to building IoT software objects for any partner wishing to list their products with them. This will assist customers starting to build cross-functional solutions and address the industrial, smart-city, smart building and asset tracking industry. It enables partners and end-users anywhere in the world to buy Adroit and use it seamlessly as a data-acquisition and application-layer software solution for IoT projects.

Dave Wibberley, MD of Adroit Technologies justifies the company strategy,”A modern SCADA system is an ideal product to test and even build a digital or IoT solution. With Adroit now certified as a platform, along with the sensors we have certified, this will allow partners and customers to come to us and purchase sensors and software that will work together. This will allow them, in familiar industrial software environments to build out a solution.”

Adroit Technologies is working with Visiosoft, Lesira, Pro-automation, Hive IoT, Spectrum Communications and Greatech (in Germany) to name a few. There is a live demo available to demonstrate the interface between the sensors and the Adroit platform.

SqwidNet offers a network model that provides Adroit products with a long-range, low-cost, low-powered and secure networking solution. With SqwidNet as a network provider, Adroit’s typical connectivity costs R200 a year for a sensor that transmits data every 15 minutes.

Wibberley explains that owing to these key network benefits, Adroit Technologies can now offer sensors with connectivity for less than R1000 per point of connectivity.

The IoT network allows for small packets of data to be transmitted in near real-time to Adroit’s SCADA system for storage and analysis. The key is to find standard sensors, which will enable Adroit to assist users in successfully monitoring and analysing data and, as a result, enabling industry bodies to monitor, control and further optimise their production.

Adroit’s SCADA system provides industrial-grade, data-acquisition, reporting and data analytics and an user-friendly development software, allowing for easy development of customised fit-to-purpose IoT solutions. Adroit encourages companies to take advantage of cloud-based reporting, alarm management, asset management and performance management solutions.

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