Adroit Smart SCADA

The Adroit Smart SCADA once again places Adroit at the forefront of the SCADA/HMI market. It reinforces the claim that Adroit is one of the most open, advanced and scalable SCADA supplier and platform on the market.

Adroit has been optimised for Windows, which makes it more flexible, simpler, smarter and faster offering no limitations, even for the most advanced users. The design environment is delivered through a familiar and intuitive ribbon toolbar resulting in faster engineering which leads to higher productivity and ultimately reduced cost. The Internet enabled Designer and Operator applications to support hosted solutions to support the modern trend towards cloud computing

The Technology

Adroit is a 64-bit SCADA system designed for process control, manufacturing systems and open automation applications. Adroit is developed on the .NET platform and is compatible with various Microsoft operating systems. Adroit has a flexible, object-oriented, client-server architecture that supports any system from a stand-alone implementation to an installation spanning multiple distributed sites.


Adroit is built on a client-server architecture, where the Agent Server (I/O Server) communicates with field devices and performs the Server functions for scanning, logging, alarming and value processing. The Client side (Classic and Smart User interfaces) provides the capability of configuring, displaying, manipulating and delivering the values to a rich, secure user interface

Web enabled Interface

One-Click wizard updates

Easier template design

Advanced logging options

Simplified bulk configuration

Adroit has a simpler bulk configuration utility allowing the user to configure most Adroit Agent Servers from Excel.

New and enhanced graphics libraries

New controls such as gauges, charts and the engineering process. New equipment graphics have also been added to the existing Adroit library

Real-time design hints and tips

Intelligent tooltips and programming hints assist users in the design process by explaining best practise and available short cuts.

Navigation templates

Easy and ready to use Navigation Templates allows the user to build on best-in-class design, making the building of new projects extremely easy.

Process performance agents (OEE I KPI)

The Adroit Agent Server has an all new OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Agent which can either calculate the OEE or measure a specific KPI.

Classic Adroit project upgrades

Your Classic Ul mimics and trends can be upgraded to the new Smart Ul system so your past investment is future proof.

Brilliant graphics can be imported

The Adroit Smart Ul supports the importing of 3rd party xaml graphics such as 3D images and CAD drawings for advanced graphical requirements.

One central system configuration control

Setup your server, devices, operator, designer and backup and restore settings in one central console

Enhanced project security

Projects and graphic forms can be password­ protected to prevent unauthorised editing and viewing.