Adroit Solutions in the Energy and Renewables

Adroit Solutions in the Energy and Renewables

Revolutionizing Automotive Production: Unleash Efficiency with Adroit SCADA!

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Energy and Renewables Industry Reference

Adroit Solutions in the Energy and Renewables

Enhancing Energy Sector Efficiency with Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Solutions


Adroit Technologies is a leading player in Research and Development, Production, Sales & Marketing, Training, and Support of software products for Automation, SCADA, MIS, and MES solutions. Alongside its technical services arm, Adroit Technologies Technical Services, the company excels in developing customized industrial IT, MIS, and MES solutions to cater to its diverse clientele. The Energy Sector, known for its complexity and scale, requires efficient monitoring and control of production plants. In this regard, Adroit SCADA, in combination with Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation solutions, offers a comprehensive solution to tackle the challenges faced by this industry. This article delves into the capabilities and benefits of the Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric partnership, demonstrating how they ensure superior performance and safety for valuable energy assets.

Adroit SCADA Capabilities and Benefits :

Process Visualization: Adroit SCADA facilitates real-time process visualization, empowering energy sector professionals with a clear overview of complex production plants. This visual representation assists in identifying and addressing operational inefficiencies promptly.
Process Events and Alarming Management: The SCADA system’s robust event and alarming management features ensure that critical events are promptly communicated to operators, enabling swift responses and minimizing downtime.
Quality Management: The energy sector places a premium on product quality. Adroit SCADA supports stringent quality management by allowing real-time monitoring of production parameters, ensuring consistency and reliability.
Historical Data Logging and Trending: Adroit SCADA efficiently logs historical data and creates trend analyses, empowering operators to make informed decisions based on historical performance data.
Fully Object-Oriented: Following a fully object-oriented architecture, Adroit SCADA fosters seamless integration with existing systems and facilitates scalability for future expansions.
Process Improvement / Built-in Auditing Functionality: With built-in auditing functionality, Adroit SCADA helps track system changes and process parameters, enabling continuous process improvement and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Reporting and Analysis: Comprehensive reporting and analysis tools within Adroit SCADA empower energy sector decision-makers with valuable insights for optimizing plant performance and energy efficiency..
Integration into Business Applications: Adroit’s SCADA/HMI product easily integrates with other business applications, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, fostering a holistic approach to Operations Management for enhanced efficiencies.

Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Capabilities and Benefits:

Mitsubishi Electric PLC (Programmable Logic Controller): Mitsubishi Electric PLCs serve as a robust and reliable control platform, capable of managing intricate control tasks in energy sector applications.
Mitsubishi Electric HMI (Human-Machine Interface): The Mitsubishi Electric HMI simplifies complex processes through intuitive user interfaces, enabling operators to monitor and control production plants efficiently.
Mitsubishi Electric VSD (Variable Speed Drive): Mitsubishi Electric VSDs regulate motor speed, optimizing energy consumption and reducing energy costs in various applications.
Mitsubishi Electric LVS (Low Voltage Switchgear): The Mitsubishi Electric LVS ensures safety and reliability by controlling power distribution in energy facilities.

Target Areas and Solutions:

Electrical Systems: Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation solutions effectively manage and monitor electrical systems in the energy sector, ensuring safety and optimal performance.
Power Stations: The combination of Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric solutions enables real-time monitoring and control of power stations, maximizing energy generation and overall efficiency.
Turbines: The partnership’s capabilities allow precise control and monitoring of turbines, optimizing energy conversion and maintenance planning.
Solar / Wind Farms: In renewable energy applications, Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric solutions ensure efficient monitoring and utilization of resources in solar and wind farms.
Smart Power: For smart power grids, the integration of Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric solutions facilitates intelligent monitoring and demand response to enhance grid stability and reliability.

Challenges and Adroit’s Solutions:

Data Center Management Systems: Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric solutions provide robust data centre management, ensuring seamless operations and minimizing the risk of downtime.
Efficiency Monitoring: Energy sector professionals can closely monitor efficiency parameters using the combined capabilities, identifying opportunities for improvement and cost reduction.
Remote Monitoring: Adroit SCADA’s remote monitoring capabilities, along with Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions, empower energy companies to monitor and manage remote facilities effectively.
Reporting: Detailed and customizable reporting within Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric solutions enables data-driven decision-making for improved performance.


Adroit Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation present a powerful synergy that addresses the unique challenges faced by the Energy Sector. By leveraging the capabilities and benefits of Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric PLC, HMI, VSD, and LVS solutions, the energy industry can achieve enhanced operational efficiencies, superior quality, and safety across various facilities. This collaboration is uniquely positioned to empower energy companies with holistic Operations Management solutions, ensuring their competitive edge in this vast and vital sector.

Agriculture Industry
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Adroit and Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Solutions in Energy and Renewables

Turbine Application Solution, Finland

Revamping Turbine Applications with Cutting-Edge Factory Automation Solutions in Finland

Turbine applications in the industrial landscape often rely on reliable and robust control systems to ensure efficient operations. Adroit Technologies, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation, presents an innovative solution to renovate existing old turbine applications based on old Mitsubishi Electric A and QnA PLCs. By developing open and well-documented turbine controls using modern techniques and upgrading to the newest Mitsubishi Electric PLC model, this joint effort brings forth a fast and easy renovation project, becoming the most attractive alternative for customers seeking enhanced performance and efficiency in Finland’s turbine industry.

The Challenge: Old turbine applications using outdated Mitsubishi Electric A and QnA PLCs might face operational limitations and potential maintenance issues. As technology advances, these legacy systems may not fully exploit modern control techniques and capabilities, resulting in suboptimal performance and higher downtime.

The Solution: Adroit Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation offer a comprehensive solution to tackle these challenges head-on. By embracing the following steps, the renovation project becomes an attractive and efficient option for upgrading turbine applications.

Modern Techniques for Turbine Controls: Adroit and Mitsubishi Electric harness modern control techniques, leveraging the latest innovations in factory automation. This approach ensures a more robust and reliable control system, enhancing turbine performance while minimizing maintenance requirements.

Adroit Solutions in the Energy and Renewables

Keeping Mitsubishi Electric PLC: To maintain a seamless transition, the collaboration recommends retaining Mitsubishi Electric PLCs as the foundation of the renovation project. This approach allows for smoother integration and compatibility with existing systems.

Upgrade to the Newest Mitsubishi Electric PLC Model: The upgrade to the newest Mitsubishi Electric PLC model guarantees enhanced processing power, expanded memory, and cutting-edge features. This advancement empowers turbines with improved control, real-time monitoring, and future-proof capabilities.

Fast and Easy Renovation: Adroit and Mitsubishi Electric focus on creating an efficient renovation process, minimizing downtime and disruption to turbine operations. The seamless integration ensures a swift transition, resulting in increased productivity and minimal impact on daily operations.

Open and Well-Documented Controls: The collaboration prioritizes openness and documentation, providing customers with a clear understanding of their turbine control systems. This transparency empowers operators and maintenance teams with valuable insights, promoting better troubleshooting and streamlined management.

The Benefits: By opting for the Adroit and Mitsubishi Electric solution, customers in the Finnish turbine industry unlock a myriad of benefits:

Enhanced Turbine Performance: Modern control techniques and the newest Mitsubishi Electric PLC model translate to superior turbine performance, boosting energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Improved Reliability: The renovation project ensures a more reliable and robust control system, minimizing unplanned downtime and maximizing turbine uptime.

Future-Proof Capabilities: Upgrading to the latest Mitsubishi Electric PLC model future-proofs turbine applications, providing compatibility with upcoming technologies and industry standards.

Streamlined Maintenance: Open and well-documented controls facilitate simplified troubleshooting and streamlined maintenance, reducing the need for extensive technical support.

Cost-Effective Solution: The renovation project offers a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire turbine system, providing significant savings for customers while enhancing performance.

Production Planning and Efficiency, Ireland

Adroit and Mitsubishi Electric: Enhancing Production Planning and Efficiency in Ireland

In the pursuit of optimizing production processes and achieving maximum efficiency, Adroit Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric have joined forces with System Integrator Matt Pender Automation in Ireland. The collaboration aims to provide a comprehensive solution for production planning and efficiency, catering to the unique requirements of a valve manufacturing factory. Leveraging the capabilities of two FX3U PLCs and MAPS SCADA 750, the end customer gains invaluable tools for production reporting, efficiency improvement, shift planning, and machine performance analysis.

Production Planning and Efficiency Ireland reference

The Requirements: The valve manufacturing factory in Ireland sought a versatile solution to meet specific production planning and efficiency goals. The key requirements included:

Production Reporting: The need for real-time production reporting to track output and progress accurately.

Production Efficiency Solution for Production Machines: A robust solution to enhance the efficiency of production machines, minimizing downtime, and optimizing overall output.

Machine Users and Shift Planning: Efficient shift planning to manage machine operators’ schedules, ensuring seamless operations.

Production Planning: An intelligent production planning system to streamline workflows and meet production targets efficiently.

Machine Efficiency Calculation Based on Operator: The ability to calculate machine efficiency based on operator performance for performance evaluation and improvements.

Reporting on Efficiency, Availability, and Start/Stop Times of Machines: Comprehensive reporting on machine efficiency, availability, and start/stop times to identify areas for optimization.

The Solution: The collaborative effort between Adroit Technologies, Mitsubishi Electric, and Matt Pender Automation resulted in a cutting-edge solution to address the unique requirements of the valve manufacturing factory. The solution comprises the following components:

FX3U PLCs: The integration of two FX3U PLCs brings precision control and monitoring to the production floor. These PLCs provide a robust foundation for efficient machine management and data collection.

MAPS SCADA 750: MAPS SCADA 750 offers a powerful Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. It serves as the central hub for data visualization, process monitoring, and reporting, enabling real-time insights into production operations.

The Benefits: The integrated solution from Adroit, Mitsubishi Electric, and Matt Pender Automation brings forth a host of benefits to the valve manufacturing factory:

Real-Time Production Reporting: With comprehensive production reporting, the factory gains accurate insights into output and progress, facilitating informed decision-making.

Enhanced Production Efficiency: Efficiency improvements across production machines lead to minimized downtime and optimized production rates, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

Streamlined Shift Planning: Efficient shift planning ensures seamless operations and better utilization of machine operators’ skills and availability.

Intelligent Production Planning: The intelligent production planning system streamlines workflows, helping the factory meet production targets efficiently and effectively

Performance Evaluation and Improvements: Machine efficiency calculation based on operator performance enables performance evaluation and identifies opportunities for further improvements.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: Detailed reporting on machine efficiency, availability, and start/stop times empowers the factory with critical insights for continuous improvement and process optimization.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Adroit Technologies, Mitsubishi Electric, and Matt Pender Automation delivers a powerful production planning and efficiency solution tailored for a valve manufacturing factory in Ireland. With the integration of two FX3U PLCs and MAPS SCADA 750, the factory gains real-time production insights, enhanced machine efficiency, streamlined shift planning, and intelligent production planning. This comprehensive solution enables the factory to optimize its production processes, maximize efficiency, and drive operational excellence in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

Kelvin Power Station, South Africa

Empowering Efficient Operations: Adroit at Kelvin Power Station, South Africa

Kelvin Power Station, a key player in South Africa’s electrical grid, plays a vital role in producing reliable and sustainable power for the nation. At the heart of this 24-hour operation lies Adroit Technologies, a trusted partner providing a robust information system. With its stand-alone server managing an impressive 25,000 scan points and supporting one remote client connection, Adroit’s cutting-edge solutions have seamlessly integrated the power station’s multi-vendor equipment, featuring both serial and Ethernet connections.

Power Generation at Kelvin Power Station:
Kelvin Power Station boasts an impressive capacity with 6 x 30mw and 7 x 60mw generators, contributing significantly to the nation’s power needs. As a critical player in the South African electrical grid, it requires a highly efficient and reliable information system to manage its operations seamlessly.

Adroit’s Central Role:
Adroit Technologies has become the backbone of Kelvin Power Station’s information system, providing essential support for its 24-hour operations. With approximately 12,000 tags collected from a diverse range of multi-vendor equipment using various serial and Ethernet connections, Adroit’s expertise in managing complex data has proven invaluable.

Kelvin Power Station

Adroit Stand-Alone Server: At the core of this seamless integration is Adroit’s stand-alone server, a robust solution capable of handling a massive 25,000 scan points. This high capacity ensures real-time data collection and monitoring, essential for maintaining a stable and efficient power generation process.

Remote Client Connection: In addition to its stand-alone server capabilities, Adroit enables one remote client connection, allowing authorized personnel to access critical data and monitor operations from remote locations. This flexibility ensures efficient supervision and swift decision-making, even beyond the power station’s physical boundaries.

The Benefits: Adroit’s sophisticated system has brought about numerous benefits for Kelvin Power Station, including:

Enhanced Efficiency: With real-time data collection and monitoring, the power station can optimize its processes and minimize downtime, leading to enhanced overall efficiency.

Seamless Multi-Vendor Integration: Adroit’s expertise in handling data from various multi-vendor equipment, regardless of connection types, ensures smooth operations and harmonious integration.

Reliable Performance: Adroit’s robust and reliable system ensures stable operations, contributing to the power station’s consistent power generation for the electrical grid.

Remote Accessibility: The remote client connection empowers authorized personnel to oversee operations from anywhere, enabling swift responses to potential issues and improved management.

Scalable Solution: Adroit’s stand-alone server is scalable, accommodating future growth and additional equipment, ensuring long-term viability for the power station’s evolving needs.

Conclusion: Kelvin Power Station’s efficient power generation for South Africa’s electrical grid owes much to Adroit Technologies’ central role in its information system. With its stand-alone server and seamless integration of multi-vendor equipment, Adroit has enabled real-time data collection and monitoring, contributing to enhanced efficiency and reliable performance. As Kelvin Power Station continues to power the nation, Adroit’s scalable and innovative solutions stand ready to support its future growth and operational excellence in South Africa’s power generation sector.

Bridgestone, Poland

Optimizing Efficiency and Safety: Adroit’s Electrical Cabinet Monitoring at Bridgestone, Poland

Bridgestone, a renowned global leader in tire manufacturing, relies on efficient electrical cabinet monitoring to ensure seamless operations and maintain a high standard of safety at its facility in Poland. With Adroit Technologies’ cutting-edge solutions, Bridgestone’s 13 electrical cabinets are effectively managed and monitored through a connection via the OPC server to measurement meters and Allen Bradley PLCs. The implementation of Adroit’s unlimited version of MAPS SCADA, equipped with Alarm Management and Report Suite, empowers Bridgestone to achieve unmatched control and visibility.

Efficient Electrical Cabinet Monitoring: Bridgestone’s facility in Poland houses 13 critical electrical cabinets that play a vital role in maintaining the smooth operation of various processes. Monitoring and managing these cabinets effectively is paramount to ensuring operational efficiency and minimizing any potential risks.

Adroit’s Solution: Adroit Technologies steps up to the challenge with a comprehensive solution tailored to Bridgestone’s unique needs. The implementation comprises:

OPC Server Connection: Adroit establishes a seamless connection between Bridgestone’s measurement meters and Allen Bradley PLCs via OPC server technology. This integration allows for streamlined data exchange and real-time communication.

Unlimited MAPS SCADA: Bridgestone benefits from MAPS SCADA’s unlimited version, providing an advanced and all-encompassing platform for data visualization and control.

Alarm Management: Adroit’s Alarm Management feature ensures prompt notifications of critical events, empowering operators to respond swiftly to any potential issues.

Report Suite: The Report Suite functionality offers comprehensive data analysis and reporting, enabling Bridgestone to gain valuable insights for optimizing processes and making informed decisions.

The Benefits:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By effectively monitoring and managing electrical cabinets, Bridgestone achieves improved operational efficiency and minimized downtime.

Real-Time Visibility: Adroit’s seamless integration and real-time data exchange allow Bridgestone to gain immediate visibility into cabinet performance and power distribution.

Proactive Alarm Handling: The Alarm Management feature ensures proactive handling of critical events, reducing the risk of disruptions and enhancing overall safety.

Data-Driven Decision Making: With Adroit’s Report Suite, Bridgestone gains access to comprehensive data analysis and reports, empowering data-driven decision-making for process optimization.

Scalable and Future-Ready: Adroit’s solutions are scalable, accommodating Bridgestone’s future growth and adaptability to evolving industry requirements.

Conclusion: Bridgestone’s electrical cabinet monitoring at its Poland facility attains new heights of efficiency and safety with Adroit Technologies’ cutting-edge solutions. The seamless connection via the OPC server, unlimited MAPS SCADA, Alarm Management, and Report Suite enable Bridgestone to gain real-time visibility, enhance operational efficiency, and make data-driven decisions. As a trusted partner, Adroit continues to support Bridgestone in its commitment to excellence, ensuring seamless operations and maintaining Bridgestone’s status as a leader in the tire manufacturing industry.

Versalis, Italy

Revolutionizing Electrical Monitoring at Versalis, Ital

Versalis, a leading Italian company in the chemical industry, has taken a significant step towards improving safety and efficiency with Adroit Technologies’ cutting-edge electrical monitoring system. This system, installed in one of Versalis’ medium voltage cabins, comprises an impressive array of components, including MAPS Server 150, GOT, FX3U, RTU, IOs, ME-96, and Thytronics protection. The outcome of this pilot project has already been remarkable, generating 15K€ in turnover. Looking ahead, the potential for growth is promising, with a projected turnover of 450K€ within the next two years.

Empowering Efficiency with Adroit’s Electrical Monitoring System: Versalis is committed to adopting innovative solutions to optimize its operations and ensure safety across its facilities. Adroit Technologies, a trusted partner, was entrusted with the task of implementing an advanced electrical monitoring system in one of Versalis’ medium voltage cabins.


System Components Offered:

MAPS Server 150 SP: At the heart of the electrical monitoring system is the MAPS Server 150 scanned points, a powerful platform that serves as the core of data acquisition and visualization.

GOT (Graphical Operator Terminal): The Graphical Operator Terminal provides a user-friendly interface, enabling operators to monitor and control the medium voltage cabin efficiently.

FX3U PLC: The FX3U Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) ensures precise control and management of various electrical parameters in the cabin.

RTU (Remote Terminal Unit): The Remote Terminal Unit enhances the system’s remote monitoring capabilities, enabling seamless access to data from different locations.

IOs (Input/Output Modules): Adroit’s Input/Output modules facilitate efficient data exchange between various components of the monitoring system.

ME-96: The ME-96 provides extensive measurement capabilities, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.

Thytronics Protection: The Thytronics protection system safeguards the medium voltage cabin from potential faults or overloads, enhancing overall safety.

The Outcome: The pilot implementation of Adroit’s electrical monitoring system has already yielded impressive results for Versalis:

Turnover Generated: The initial pilot project has generated 15K€ in turnover, showcasing the immediate value and return on investment for Versalis.

Future Potential: Looking ahead, the potential for growth and expansion is highly promising:

Projected Turnover in 2 Years: The anticipated growth in demand for Adroit’s electrical monitoring system at Versalis indicates a projected turnover of 450K€ within the next two years.

Conclusion: Versalis’ partnership with Adroit Technologies has proven to be a game-changer in revolutionizing electrical monitoring at one of their medium voltage cabins. With the successful pilot project generating a significant return on investment and a promising future outlook, the implementation of Adroit’s advanced system has set Versalis on a path towards enhanced efficiency, improved safety, and continued success in the chemical industry. Adroit remains committed to supporting Versalis in its pursuit of excellence and looks forward to contributing to its ongoing growth and innovation journey.

Slieve Rushen Wind Farm, Ireland

Concentrated Solar Power (Partanna), Italy

MAPS Server 15000 (redundant pair) + MAPS 5 Remote Clients + SQL Server
Total Project value = 275k€
Two more projects are expected in FY20-21

Concentrated Solar Power Partanna Italy

Solar Powered Pump Station, Spain

Why Mitsubishi Electric Inverters?
Embedded logic control (PLC): A more simple architecture
Special functionality: Double PID to keep constant the DC voltage on the panels and the pressure of the pipe, at the same time.
Lower power consumption (OEC)

Solar Powered Pump Station Spain

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