Adroit Solutions in Water

Adroit Solutions in Water

Smart Solutions for Sustainable Water Management

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Adroit Solutions in Water Industry Reference

Adroit Solutions in Water

Enhancing the Water Industry with Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Solutions


Adroit Technologies is a leading player in Research and Development, Production, Sales & Marketing, Training, and Support of software products for Automation, SCADA, MIS, and MES solutions. Alongside its technical services arm, Adroit Technologies Technical Services, the company excels in developing customized industrial IT, MIS, and MES solutions to cater to its diverse clientele. The Energy Sector, known for its complexity and scale, requires efficient monitoring and control of production plants. In this regard, Adroit SCADA, in combination with Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation solutions, offers a comprehensive solution to tackle the challenges faced by this industry. This article delves into the capabilities and benefits of the Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi Electric partnership, demonstrating how they ensure superior performance and safety for valuable energy assets.

The Water Sector is a vast and complex one and the Adroit SCADA is ideally suited to assist in the efficient monitoring and control of even the most complicated production plant.
The rigid and quality-driven nature of this industry is ideally suited to the Adroit SCADA/HMI product. The time-tested and proven reliability of the product sees Adroit being used by large producers to safely run these valuable and strategic assets. The Adroit architecture and openness offer companies a unique capability of not only traditional SCADA/HMI functionality but the ability to integrate all aspects of their operations. By adopting a more holistic approach to Operations Management significant savings and operational efficiencies can be realised. In this sector, Adroit is uniquely placed to ensure a superior quality of supply in all aspects of the operations and management of these facilities.

Adroit Solutions in the Water Industries Target areas:

  • Desalination: Managing and optimizing the process of converting seawater into freshwater through desalination.
  • Water Treatment: Overseeing the treatment of raw water to make it safe for consumption or other purposes.
  • Irrigation: Managing and controlling irrigation systems to efficiently use water for agricultural purposes.
  • Control Rooms: Monitoring and controlling various water-related processes and systems from centralized control rooms.
  • Boreholes: Managing and optimizing the extraction of water from boreholes for various applications.

Adroit Solutions in the Water IndustryChallenges :

  • Process Management: Efficiently managing complex water treatment and desalination processes to ensure high-quality output.
  • Process Efficiency: Improving the overall efficiency of water-related processes to reduce waste and operational costs.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Implementing strategies to predict equipment failures and perform maintenance proactively to avoid downtime.
  • Remote Monitoring: Overcoming challenges associated with monitoring and managing water processes in remote locations.
  • Reporting: Generating accurate and comprehensive reports for regulatory compliance and decision-making.


  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): Utilizing SCADA systems for centralized monitoring and control of critical water processes, allowing for better efficiency and process optimization.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller): Implementing PLCs to automate and control various equipment and processes involved in water treatment and irrigation.
  • HMI (Human-Machine Interface): Employing HMIs to provide an intuitive graphical interface for operators to interact with control systems and monitor processes efficiently.
  • LVS (Low Voltage Switchgear): Using LVS for distributing electrical power and ensuring the safety of electrical equipment in water-related facilities.
  • VSD (Variable Speed Drives): Installing VSDs to control motor speed in pumps and other equipment, leads to energy savings and better control of water flow.


By applying these solutions, Adroit in Water can address the challenges faced in managing IoT, communications, and data centres. SCADA and PLC systems enable better control and monitoring of networks and infrastructure, leading to improved network performance and reliability. RTUs enhance remote monitoring capabilities, ensuring efficient management of distributed assets. HMIs provide operators with user-friendly interfaces for better network control. M2M and MQTT protocols enable seamless communication between IoT devices and applications, facilitating the growth and scalability of the Internet of Things. Overall, these solutions contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of telecommunications systems and services.

  • Water Utilities Corporation Botswana
  • Amatola Water
  • Johannesburg Water (SOC) Ltd
  • Bloem Water
  • Magalies Water
  • Cape Metropolitan Council
  • Ekurhuleni
  • Kimberley
  • Harrismith
  • Klein Karoo
  • Krugersdorp
  • Newcastle
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Polokwane
  • Qwa Qwa
  • Stanger
  • Umgeni Water
  • Sedibeng Water
  • Sembcorp Silulumanzi
Agriculture Industry
Adroit Solutions in Water 9

Adroit and Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Solutions in Water

UGU District Municipality, South Africa

UGU District Municipality is one of ten district municipalities in KwaZulu Natal, located at the southern tip of the province’s coastline, covering 112 km of the Indian Ocean.

Systems range from :
Unlimited Scanned points, Clustered Agent Servers with 10 View Nodes to 5000 Scanned Points Stand Alone systems

  • Sites Include:
    • Umtamvuna
    • Marburg
    • Park Rynie
    • Oslo Beach
    • Weza
    • and a central control centre in Port Shepstone is under development.
UGU District Municipality South Africa

UMGENI Water Coastal and Inland, SA

UMGENI Water Coastal and Inland SA

Facts about the Umgeni Water reference site:
Umgeni Water’s infrastructure assets in support of its primary business comprise:

  • Approximately 746 kilometres of pipelines and 66 kilometres of tunnels
  • 13 dams and 11 water treatment works
  • An additional 18 small water treatment works and 19 borehole schemes
  • A total of 440 million m3/yr (1.2 million m3/d) are currently supplied to customers who serve 6.1 million people or 1.68 million households through reticulation networks.

The organisation also treats bulk wastewater totalling 28 million m3/yr (76700 m3/d) and in support of this operates 5 wastewater treatment works
Largest supplier of bulk potable water in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
The organisation currently supplies 440 million cubic meters of potable water to its six municipal customers.

Systems Range from Unlimited Scanned points Clustered Agent Servers with 17 View Nodes, to 5000 Scanned Points Stand Alone systems.

  • Sites Include:
  • Midmar,
  • Howick,
  • DV Harris,
  • Ixopo,
  • Darvill,
  • Durban Heights,
  • Wiggins,
  • Hazelmere,
  • Amanzimtoti,
  • Maphumulo,
  • Mhlabatshane and various other smaller sites.

Umhlatuze Water, South Africa

Based in KwaZulu Natal, Mhlathuze Water’s area of supply covers some 37,000km² stretching from the Thukela River in the south and up the east coast to the Mozambique and Swaziland borders, around Vryheid and back to the uThukela River.

Within this region, Mhlathuze Water has built and operates an inter-basin transfer, major water treatment plants, and an offshore wastewater disposal pipeline and it operates treatment and sewerage plants on an agency basis for local municipalities.

Stand Alone Configuration
– 1500 Scan Points and 9 Remote Client Connections.

Umhlatuze Water South Africa

Johannesburg Water, South Africa

Johannesburg Water South Africa
  • Facts about the Johannesburg water reference site:
    • MAPS is the only SCADA used by Johannesburg Water (JW). See
    • Johannesburg Water uses Schneider PLCs and Spectrum RTUs.
    • Johannesburg Water’s infrastructure assets in support of its business comprise:
    • 89 Water Reservoirs
    • 28 Water Towers
    • 12 581 km distribution pipes
    • 6 Wastewater Treatment Works
    • JW supplies 1.4 million domestic, commercial and industrial customers and serves an estimated consumer base of 4.5 million people with approximately 1.574 m3/d
    • JW employs approximately 2 500 people

Johannesburg Water has been mandated with the responsibility of providing water and sanitation to three million residents of the City of Johannesburg.

Adroit SCADA is installed at its six Wastewater Treatment Works and extensive reservoir network of 140 sites to optimise the city councils’ assets through cutting-edge technology. 

 Active Cluster Configuration
– 50 000 Scan Points and 5 Remote Client Connections

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