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Adroit IoT and OPC/Edge Gate

enabling the 4th IR with local technology

What’s the 4th IR all about?

  • What does the 4th IR really mean?
  • What does the “Cloud” landscape from an Industrial Automation perspective look like and offer?
  • What are the various components making up this landscape?
  • How do I choose a platform or do I simply go with the vendor’s product delivery?
  • How can Adroit Technologies help you unlock and realise your Digital Strategy?

Knowledge is the new wealth – Edge and Cloud promises to deliver

Before we get carried away with 40 years of automation

The 4th Industrial Revolution is being driven by the perfect storm


  • High Processing Capability (both local and cloud)
  • Hi Value Networks (IoT, 4 and 5G, Internet)
  • Low Power Devices