Adroit ‘Tech Talk’

Article Published – April 2018

Adroit Technologies hosted another popular ‘Tech Talk’ on Friday, 13 April, at the Adroit offices in Fourways, with people attending from Gauteng, other parts of South Africa and Botswana.

Dave Wibberley, managing director of Adroit Technologies shared some of the challenges faced, and some lessons learned around IIoT, as well as Adroit’s strategy around delivering IIoT out of the box to its partners and customers. He looked at a comparison of the main technologies on offer and explained that when choosing a technology it was important to understand the application requirement, the cost implication, sensor, contracts, data rates etc. before making the best choice for that particular application.

Dave Wibberley said, “There is no clear winner here and it is certainly horses for courses. That being said, there are very few sensors available for many of the technologies. It is why we have focused our efforts around Sigfox for now.”

Moses Mayimela (Adroit) gave a live demonstration of the available off-the-shelf sensors. Jan Hendrik Rust (Adroit) showed the Adroit Hosted Demo Solution.

Grant Joyce concluded the “Tech Talk” with a preview of the Mitsubishi CS drives which are inexpensive, compact and available soon.