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Reduction of water and energy losses

Efficient management of the whole water distribution system

Reduction of maintenance costs

Increased overall equipment efficiency

Reduction of on-site visits

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Aquatoria® – Smart Water Solution

From control to optimisation 

Aquatoria® is a smart software solution for municipal water systems, providing precise process control over all aspects of water supply and distribution.

Developed specifically to meet key challenges facing the water industry and built on Mitsubishi  Electric’s  MAPS solution, Aquatoria® helps maintain optimum water quality while reducing the incidence of leaks. It thereby improves operational efficiencies and delivers significant reductions in the total cost of ownership for water utilities.

Aquatoria® can be configured to identify inefficiencies in equipment operation and it can automatically optimise active pumping stations while controlling and managing pressure,  resulting in significant reductions in energy consumption.

The system reduces water utility costs:

Reduction of energy consumption

  • Elimination of excess pressure by harmonising pumping station operation with consumer demand
  • Elimination of inefficient VFD-driven pump operating modes
  • Automated tools for optimal pumping unit set selection at each station

Reduction of leakages

  • Load reduction within the water distribution system by ensuring compliance with pressure regulation standards
  • Burst pipeline diagnostics

Reduction of maintenance requirements

  • Automatic diagnostics of pumping unit operation
  • Emergency prevention diagnostics through predictive algorithms
  • Reduced staff numbers and fewer skilled service staff


Efficient management of the whole water distribution system can only be possible when both water and process data flow concurrently giving a real-time picture of the process. When it comes to optimisation of energy consumption, leaks detection or asset management, a perfectly structured communication system between facilities and the control room is a key element for distributed control systems.

Aquatoria® offers workstation software based on Mitsubishi Electric‘s MAPS SCADA which enables flexible adaptation to specific customer requirements. Customisation can be done by the end-user or System Integrator which helps cut system maintenance costs and reduces the reliance between the water utility and the solution provider.

Geo module

Built on an interactive map, the Geo Module locates facilities, helping to manage and control them. Flexible settings provide maximum visibility and eliminate redundant information on the operator display. The module allows an operator to easily search pumping stations and check their process parameters should there be any customer complaints.

Pumping station configuration module

This allows users to add new or edit existing pumping stations in the configuration of installed pumping units, valves, VFDs, sensors and metering equipment.  Its main purpose is to eliminate the need for SCADA programming when controlled objects are added or edited. Using a parameterisation approach, it significantly reduces reliance on qualified operating personnel.

Pumping selection module

The Pumping Selection Module allows users to evaluate the alignment of installed pumps with water supply modes and to select the best combination for power efficiency and extended service life. The module includes a pumps database containing more than 2,000 pumps from various manufacturers.

Analytic reports module

This performs automatic on-line running conditions analysis of pumping stations as well as the whole water supply process. It identifies abnormal process behaviour and deviations in the supply system, warning users as they occur. The module is designed to eliminate the need for continuous manual analysis by water utility staff.

Infrastructure diagnostics module

This allows users to evaluate the causes of poor quality in communication channels and identify problem locations. The module automatically backs up the pump controller PLC programming of the control program, drive parameters and electrical documentation for each station that can then be archived to simplify maintenance.

Adoptive control module

This comprises several software algorithms designed to optimise pressure in the water supply system and eliminate low efficient operation of VFD controlled pumps. The module contains sophisticated process forecasting and neural fuzzy algorithms to eliminate the need for manual adjustments and enable adaptiveness of control.