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Automated Packaging Solutions
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The packaging industry sees constant innovation in every facet and process, from bagging and palletizing to filling and labelling. Mitsubishi Electric’s industry-leading packaging automation solutions and product portfolio encompass the needs of the entire industry. As end-users face challenges incorporating the latest technologies to improve the effectiveness of their machines, and OEMs face different technologies relating to keeping their machines as effective and competitive as possible, Mitsubishi Electric offers them both a practical partnership and investment.

The Pak/iQ portfolio of products and value-added packaging automation solutions were designed with these challenges in mind and can improve machine performance and ultimately lower the total cost of deploying smart packaging machines.

Our packaging automation systems can be tailored to your specific needs for food packaging automation. Packaging control systems go beyond increased production. With packaging control systems in place, you’ll be able to all but guarantee greater output in less time than ever all while maintaining the highest standards for your product and reducing your cost per unit.
Does your company need better primary packaging systems or secondary packaging systems? Say goodbye to heavy losses, unexpected downtime, and damaged products. With our packaging machine camming and packaging machine multi-axis control, you can expect pristine product results like you’ve never seen before.

Mitsubishi Electric is proudly one of the world’s leading packaging automation companies. As such, we’ve put years of research into providing you with the best automatic food packaging systems. No matter your industry, we can provide packaging automation systems that meet your requirements for output levels, turnaround times, and total production quantity. Our packaging line automation is cutting-edge and industry-leading, so you’ll be equipped to stay on top of the competition.

When you utilize our food packaging automation systems, you’ll improve your production volume and improve customer satisfaction by reducing turnaround time. You’ll also cut down on your cost of ownership with our packaging control systems. Stop running into problems with your packaging line and equip your company with our leading packaging machine control solutions.

Improve your packaging and your products with our operator interface packaging machine. Whether you need better packaging machine camming or packaging machine multi-axis control, we have solutions to fit your packaging line automation needs. With total packaging operations control, you’ll have all the necessary data to determine which part of your operations needs improvement.
With our automated food packaging and packaging line automation, every step in the automatic packing system process is monitored and connected, ensuring you have all the data to maximize your production output. We have solutions whether you need primary packaging systems or secondary packaging systems and, thanks to our dynamic packaging operations control, you’ll be one click away from knowing everything about the operations on your floor. Packaging machine control has never been more user-friendly thanks to our operator interface packaging machine.

Automated food packaging has never been more profitable thanks to our line of automated food packaging systems built to handle ever-changing market needs to increase production runs and boost sales. Brought to you by one of the world’s leading packaging automation companies, our automatic packing system is what you need to bring your business to the next level.

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