Automotive Industry Reference

Automotive Industry Reference

Revolutionizing Automotive Production: Unleash Efficiency with Adroit SCADA!

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Automotive Industry Reference

Adroit Solutions in the Automotive Industry Reference

Adroit Technologies concerns itself mainly with R&D, Production, Sales & Marketing, Training, and Support of software products for Automation, SCADA, MIS, and MES solutions. In addition, Adroit Technologies has a professional services arm, known as Adroit Technologies Technical Services that consults in and develops customised industrial IT, MIS, and MES solutions for customers.

The Automotive Industry Sector is a vast and complex one and the Adroit SCADA is ideally suited to assist in the efficient monitoring and control of even the most complicated production plant.
The rigid and quality-driven nature of this industry is ideally suited to the Adroit SCADA/HMI product. The time-tested and proven reliability of the product sees Adroit being used by large producers to safely run these valuable and strategic assets.

The Adroit architecture and openness offer companies a unique capability of not only traditional SCADA/HMI functionality but the ability to integrate all aspects of their operations. By adopting a more holistic approach to Operations Management significant savings and operational efficiencies can be realised.

In this sector, Adroit is uniquely placed to ensure a superior quality of supply in all aspects of the operations and management of these facilities.

Adroit SCADA Capabilities and Benefits:-

  • Process Visualisation
  • Process Events and Alarming Management
  • Quality Management
  • Historical Data Logging and Trending
  • Fully Object orientated
  • Process Improvement / Built-in Auditing functionality
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Integration into Business Applications

Targeted Areas – Challenges – Solutions

Targeted Areas



  • Production Lines
  • Assembling Lines
  • Testing Areas
  • Paint Shops
  • Banbury Plants
  • Robotics and AI
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Predictive Maint.
  • Quality
  • Emissions
  • PLC
  • HMI
  • Servo and Motion
  • Robots and Cobots
Agriculture Industry
Automotive Industry Reference 14

Automotive Industry Reference Applications

Alarm System – Hyundai Motors, Turkey

  • MAPS is an Alarm monitoring system for a production cell
  • In a robot line, there is a SCADA which had been made by Koreans. But this SCADA System is not effective enough for operators.
  • In the past, they missed some important alarms and important sensor situations.
  • The Mitsubishi Electric Turkey System integrator proposed MAPS SCADA to improve the Operator’s awareness of alarms and critical conditions
Alarm System – Hyundai Motors Turkey

Toyota Gearbox Factory, Poland

Andon Production information system :

  • 27x MAPS 150 + AMA + IPCs
  • Screens with PCs on the back hang along the production site and inform operators and production leaders about the current status of production and errors.
  • 1 central MAPS Server with MAPS 5000 and 5 remote clients.

SamAuto Paint Shop, Uzbekistan

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