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FR-CS series VSDs

Article Published – May 2018

In addition to better features and performance than their predecessors, the models in this series are also more compact and even easier to install. The improvements include a 57% reduction in volume, high performance, ease of use and easy maintenance. All the improvements make the FREQROL-CS80 an economical and highly-versatile solution for a wide range of applications from wood processing to controlling fans and pumps.

Five reasons to choose Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FR-CS80

  1. Unbeatable price!
  2. World’s smallest compact body – Space saving by the side-by-side installation.
  3. High performance – compact yet high performance.
  4. Easy to use – Shorter startup time with easy setup and easy-to-follow display improves the operability.
  5. Easy maintenance – easy wiring to the control circuit.


The FR-CS80 compact size is achieved by the low heat generation design. Side by side installation of these inverters is possible as long as the surrounding air temperature does not exceed 40°C. Three FR-CS84-012-60 inverters can be installed in the same space normally required for two conventional models which ultimately means space saving. A DIN rail installation attachment (FR-UDA [][]) option can be used but this is excluded for inverters FR-CS84-120 to 295.

High Performance

Even with a 57% reduction in volume this inverter still offers high performance. Functions available on this inverter include general-purpose magnetic flux vector control and auto tuning functions. These functions ensure that these inverters can be used in applications that require high starting torque, such as washing machines, agitators, and transfer machines which includes conveyors, hoists, and elevators.

  • The high torque of 150% / 1 Hz is realized (when the slip compensation function is valid).
  • Auto-tuning

With the “non-rotation” auto-tuning function the motor constant (R1) can be automatically calculated.

There is also a brake unit connection which allows a brake unit to be connected using terminal P/+ and terminal N/-.

Easy to use

  • This inverter has an easy-to-read operation panel.
  • A free trial version of software FR Configurator2 can be downloaded at Mitsubishi Electric FA Global website – this software contains start-up functions which allow for a shorter startup time with easy setup.
  • High-speed communication is supported using a controller and RS-485 communication.
  • Once the automatic connection on the inverter is enabled, the inverter connects easily and communicates with the GOT2000 series by connecting to the GOT using RS-485 communication – the easy to follow display improves the operability of the inverter.

Easy maintenance

  • There is a reduction in the wiring check time since the wiring can be checked by simply lifting the control terminal cover, which makes maintenance work easier.
  • The control circuit terminals are spring clamp terminals which allow for easy wiring to the control circuit.
  • A specialised coating that conforms to IEC 60721-3-3 3C2/3S2 standards, covers the circuit board to protect the board in hazardous environments and for improved environmental resistance.