Dave’s Desk

April 2022

Having avoided Covid for 2 years I eventually succumbed, diagnosis was followed by 8 days of isolation. I was very lucky and only had mild symptoms and am fully recovered. It certainly made me think about the many thousands who weren’t so lucky, I guess we need to count our blessings.  

I was in isolation as the terrible weather struck KZN. The loss of life, loss of income-producing business, and loss of infrastructure were devastating. Our James Adams found himself on the wrong side of the Umdhloti landslide and was stuck in the accommodation we normally use without water, or power for a few days. Some of our customers including Toyota, and Umgeni Water suffered hugely, and we wish all our and any of our customers a speedy recovery. We are only now realising the extent of the damage and have reached out and offered our resources to assist wherever we can.  

With the Ukrainian war raging and over 50 days old I wonder why this is all happening now after 2 years of devastating Covid. Whilst I certainly don’t have the answers I have many questions, as I am sure many do. I know that the factory and process automation industry is a one that is beneficial to mankind, making tedious tasks easier, and making higher quality products available in safer environments. It is why we love this business it gives us a reason to get up and contribute to the world in a positive way. 

On another positive note, we hosted a national “automation in water” conference for our utility customers. Driven by them, it proved to be a wonderful melting pot of ideas, shared visions and most importantly an opportunity to build great networks amongst the municipalities and major water utilities. It was great to see the willingness of the larger ones to share IP and work already paid for with smaller municipalities, a great saving in their own journey of becoming great suppliers to their own communities. Something we believe in passionately….South Africa’s future.