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the Future of Industrial Automation
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Adroit Product Suite

Discover the Future of Industrial Automation with Adroit Product Suite!

Adroit Technologies is revolutionizing the industrial automation and process control world with its state-of-the-art Adroit Product Suite. Born from over 30 years of innovation and expertise, this software suite is designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of modern industries, ensuring seamless process control, robust manufacturing systems, and comprehensive automation solutions.

Why Adroit Stands Out:

Future-Proof Technology: Built on the reliable, scalable, and portable Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Adroit is designed to grow with your business, ensuring your investment is future-proof.

Versatile and Scalable: Whether you’re managing a standalone system or a complex multi-site operation, Adroit’s flexible architecture scales to meet your needs without missing a beat.

Seamless Integration: Thanks to its open automation technology, Adroit effortlessly connects with third-party applications and components, making data accessible everywhere, all the time.

Object-Oriented Innovation: Adroit’s intuitive design allows for the creation of templates and physical hierarchies, automating the configuration process and saving you time and money on engineering and maintenance.

Robust Performance: Engineered to handle large I/O counts effortlessly, Adroit ensures peak performance under any plant operating conditions, making it the ideal enterprise-level solution.

Unleash the Power of Open Automation:

Embrace the future with Adroit’s open, portable, and object-based set of process automation tools. Enjoy the freedom of data everywhere with its various open interfaces, built on known software standards, ensuring that your enterprise is always connected, and always informed.

Scale and Redundancy Made Easy:

With Adroit, scalability and redundancy are no longer challenges but opportunities. Expand your system with minimal effort and ensure data availability with Adroit’s Active Clustering technology, giving you peace of mind in critical process control systems.

A New Era of SCADA/HMI:

Adroit redefines SCADA/HMI with its user-friendly, Windows-based software product, tailored for process control and open automation applications. Experience unmatched flexibility and robustness, making Adroit your go-to platform for modern control solutions.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers in over 40 countries who have chosen Adroit to streamline their industrial automation and process control systems. With Adroit Technologies, the future is bright, the future is automated, and the future is now. Embrace the Adroit Product Suite and transform your operations today!

Adroit Technologies continues to lead the way in industrial automation and process control with its comprehensive Adroit Product Suite. Tailored to meet the demands of modern industries, this suite offers unparalleled process control, robust manufacturing systems, and extensive automation applications.

Expanding the Horizon with Adroit Lite & IPC Bundle: Meeting market demands, Adroit Technologies introduces Adroit Lite and the Adroit Lite & IPC Bundle. These versions offer a cost-effective solution for machine builders with simple process requirements, allowing up to 2 Remote Clients for enhanced visibility and remote project modifications.

Igniting Innovation with Adroit Ignite: Adroit Ignite HMI software brings value for money, leveraging the premium Adroit software to create advanced, secure, and integrated solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors. It transforms raw data into understandable graphical representations, adding logging, alarming, and eventing capabilities.

Streamlining with MAPS Process Suite: The MAPS Process Suite, a collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric, Adroit Technologies, and EPLAN, offers an integrated PLC/SCADA programming and management tool. It ensures the integrity and efficiency of automation projects from design through to operations, with a project life-cycle management solution at its core.

Enhancing Capabilities with Comprehensive Reporting: Adroit enhances operational visibility with easy reporting in EXCEL and a robust Report Suite. It offers off-the-shelf, web-based reporting, flexible analysis, and a user-defined report schedule, ensuring critical data is always at your fingertips.

Empowering Mobility: With Performance Anywhere and Adroit Air, Adroit extends its reach to mobile devices, enabling users to monitor processes and receive alarms on the go. The Secure Mobile Gateway further allows secure access from any HTML 5.0-compliant web browser, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT): The Adroit IoT platform and M2M solutions provide a secure, integrated platform for creating rich information dashboards and machine-to-machine communication, supported by a wide range of sensors and the OPC/Edge Gateway for data processing and exposure.

Innovating with Adroit Connect: Adroit Connect modems offer seamless integration with devices using the Modbus Serial protocol, enabling remote monitoring and control via the Adroit Cloud Portal, accessible from any internet-connected device.

Software as a Service (SaaS): Adroit’s SaaS model delivers applications managed by a third-party vendor, eliminating large CAPEX or OPEX investments and offering tailor-made solutions based on short-term contracts.

Advancing with MES/MIS/MOM: The suite includes Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) tools, providing reliable, real-time configuration and comprehensive reporting for auditing, data logging, and performance analysis.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers in over 40 countries who have chosen Adroit to streamline their industrial automation and process control systems. With Adroit Technologies, the future is not just automated; it’s smart, connected, and infinitely capable. Transform your operations with the Adroit Product Suite today!

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Discover the Future of Industrial Automation with Adroit Product Suite!

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