Adroit and MAPS 0.4.0 Components Utilities Samples

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Create Date31st October 2018
Last Updated24th June 2022

This installation is NOT fully-functional and ONLY adds the selected Adroit installation.

Tip: Run this install to update your existing components to the latest version, which reinstalls all the components that have already been installed and allows you to add additional components if needed.

Typically intended for advanced users to select which components they require, such as:

  • sample Agent Server scripts for creating reports and/or bulk configuration tools (like the Excel add-in)
  • or troubleshooting tools, such as testing the availability of COM ports for serial drivers and/or the integrity of agent database (.WGP) files or other installed components etc.
  • or the Geographic Information System (GIS) Add-on component, which allows you to add intelligence to maps by providing icons that represent the actual positions of your items.

Note: Performance Anywhere is now installed as part of the main MAPS 4 install.