Adroit Report Suite – Report Pack Standard

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Create Date31st August 2020
Last Updated31st August 2020

Adroit Report Pack provides basic insight to your system and process as well as offering you a free web-based view into historical trends.  Reports are further categorized as Auditing, Data logging and General.

Auditing that provides the tools necessary to view the activities of the Agent server and Smart UI server with reports such Adroit Audit Activity and Smart UI Audit Activity. It is also a report set to measure the duration of the session of the Agent server with a report such as the Agent Server Session.

This version of the Adroit Report Pack also introduce us to a report that shows changes that required authorization on a Smart UI data element (agent.slot). This report is built on the same methodology of Title 21 CFR Part 11

Data logging is extended through a standard DBLog agent that can be configured to log data points for any agent to an OLEDB compliant database.  The report set combines summary tables with statistics and line charts to plot data trends.  All of which combines through drill down and drill through functionality provided.

General refers to Ad Hoc reports based around various server or agent functionality.  A New DumpConfig (Export) agent was launched with Adroit 10 that provides functionality to export specific agent types with current slot values as configured.  A configuration export report is available to use as a configuration datasheet or snapshot view on agent status.  Similarly a Historical alarm report is based on a limited alarm management dataset for basic information.