MODBUS Ethernet Rev 92 (MOD_ETH)

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Create Date19th March 2018
Last Updated24th February 2022

MODBUS Ethernet Rev 92 (MOD_ETH)

Please note that all drivers are now shipped with the main installer of the Adroit or MAPS software.

Adroit supports communication with the following PLCs: Modicon 84, 884, 184, 384, 484, 584,984, Quantum, Premium, M340, Ethernet/serial gateways and many other third-party devices over TCP/IP.

Note: Modbus Ethernet Multi-Channel is an alternate driver for those using the Modbus Ethernet protocol which implements various optimizations to ensure very high-speed communications and includes the ability to configure multiple channels on one device configuration, to load balance their scan tasks over these channels.

Tip: Your existing Modbus Ethernet (MOD_ETH) devices are interchangeable with the new MOD_EMC devices (both devices use identical registry and addressing structures).

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