Secure Mobile Gateway

Secure Remote Access on any Device Anywhere

Secure Mobile Gateway is an additional software component providing Web Access to existing Adroit graphics, giving you secure remote access on any device anywhere. Secure Mobile Gateway technology provides web browser access from any device. User interface graphic forms can be designed once for display on any device that supports an HTML 5 browser.


Adroit Air Mobile App

Always be in contact with your plant via push notifications

Adroit Air is an alarm notification and text message platform that enables users to receive alarms and process data directly on their smart device from your Adroit 10 SCADA platform. One free connection comes standard with every Adroit 10 SCADA


Adroit IIot Platform

Secure Remote Access on any Device Anywhere

The IoT platform is a tried and tested, award-winning SCADA product and platform. The platform consists of three separate components such as the Adroit real-time IoT platform, the Adroit alarm and event management suite and also the Adroit business intelligence and reporting (Adroit SCADA Intelligence)

Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Saving with Variable Speed Drives

The consumed power of a variable-torque load, such as fans, pumps and blowers, is proportional to the cube of its rotation speed.

Adjusting the air volume by the inverter rotation speed control can lead to energy savings

Advanced Optimum Excitation Control

(This feature is unique to Mitsubishi)

Optimum excitation control continuously adjusts the excitation current to an optimum level to provide the highest motor efficiency. With a small load torque, a substantial energy saving can be achieved. For example, at 4% motor load torque for a general-purpose motor, the motor efficiency under Optimum excitation control is about 30% higher then the motor efficiency under V/F control.

Mitsubishi VSD Energy Saving

Proven Savings NOT just theoretical values!

Energy Saving at a glance

Using a display

Energy saving monitor / Pulse train output of output power

Energy saving effect can be checked using and operation panel, output terminal, or network.

The output power amount measured by the inverter can be output in pulses. The cumulative power amount can be easily checked.

With the Mitsubishi energy measuring module, the energy measuring module, the energy saving effect can be displayed, measured, and collected.

Using Adroit SCADA or HMI (or any other SCADA system)

Speak to us about integrating the power savings into measurable reports.

VSD Energy Saving 8