Environmental Management System

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Environmental Management System

An Environmental Management System is a set of measurements, processes and practices that enable an organisation to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating safety and efficiency.

Modules available: Early Warning/Fire Detection, Ventilation Management, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management.

The Adroit EMS system is built using the standard Adroit Agent Server and Smart User Interface technologies. Over and above the standard components, the EMS system consists of specific EMS components, which plug seamlessly into the standard Adroit Framework and give the end-user a built-for-purpose EMS system.

The EMS plugins allow system administrators to define levels of a pre-defined hierarchy and add environmental controllers to this hierarchy. Once a controller is added all the required Adroit devices and objects are automatically created and configured by the EMS system. This amongst others includes Adroit tags with scanning, datalogs, audit logs and Adroit alarming

The Adroit Alarm Management and SCADA Intelligence systems are also automatically configured, thereby automatically adding new devices to the reporting system. The system administrator is then able to generate the required graphic forms for the system, representing specified sensors or areas of operation. This defines the operator interface and subsequent monitoring of the system Adroit EMS Reporting is to provide a set of audit reports as well as advanced reports for performance and data analysis across the system.

Environmental Management System – Modules

Early Warning / Fire Detection

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Through the management hierarchy, Multiple vendors sensors can be created and deployed

Secure and Audited
Access and maintenance control is applied through windows security layer, while detailed audit trail is captured

Fire detection algorithm
Monitor rate of change with slope and trigger mode configuration

Backup head monitoring
Configure airflow direction to track smoke and co gasses

Incident Management
All incidents are automatically captured and tracked in a database

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Manage employee health with the value-added occupational health management solution and increase productivity while reducing risk.

Dedicated Reports
Off the shelf Occupational Health and Safety Management reports, in order to boost safety and hygiene in the workplace

Advance Analysis

Use a single dashboard to monitor ongoing exposure information on all your employees, enabling you to quickly identify risk exposure and take precautionary action that can lead to reduced risk.

Ventilation Management

Ventilation and Safety officers have access to real-time sensor and environmental monitoring

With mine and ventilation planning software for shared data and analysis

Dedicated Reports
Sensor and system management reports facilitate the maintenance and engineering process

Environmental Health and Safety

Manage your EHS exposure with real-time management solutions and improve operational performance, reducing risk and cost.

Extend with the value-added EHS management solution that seamlessly combines different environment, health and safety (EHS) processes, giving you a single, comprehensive, integrated management solution.