Environmental Management System

Singe Management Platform


An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of measurements, processes, and practices that enable an organisation to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating safety and efficiency.

This proactive approach can help reduce the risk of noncompliance and improve workplace health and safety practices for employees and the public. Monitoring strategies and programs are designed to establish, monitor and manage the status of an environment and to establish trends or identify risk.

The results of monitoring are reviewed, analysed statistically and reported or documented and utilised to establish a successful and dynamic monitoring and management system.

The Adroit EMS (AEMS) has both a Safety/Environment and Fire Detection component.  The AEMS module includes the easy deployment and management of sensors, visualisation built on the fly, early detection of fire and various reports required for regulation bodies.  It strategically plays a vital role in safeguarding the lives of underground personnel and protecting valuable equipment.

The platform has been developed to allow OEM supplier’s plug-ins to work seamlessly within the framework. These include most of the leading sensor and PLC suppliers.

Monitor – Manage – Control


Environmental monitoring and alarming using a combination of various gas and flow sensors.


Monitor airflow velocity and Fan status with trend and alarm analysis.


Leak detection systems and leak detector, which will give an alarm indication, before the stored product can enter the environment causing environmental pollution.


The fire detection component identifies two main categories; Smoke and CO detection with high threshold alarms to provide early warning of fire.


Continuous monitoring and diagnostics to facilitate proactive maintenance.


Combination of threshold alarms and fire detection algorithm, which monitors small but continuous rise in smoke or gas levels to provide early warning of smoke.


A variety of environment areas for monitoring where the safety of the environment and human life could be affected.

Functionality & Key Benefits

Single Platform Interface

The Adroit EMS module is a single management platform and interface for the implementation of environmental telemetry.

Platform Interface Wizard

Both predefined and customizable display interfaces and behaviour can be rapidly deployed.

Drag & Drop

Functionality generated though the Drag and drop Interface Wizards includes hierarchical attributes, sensor attributes, all data logging, alarming and reporting.

Crisis Management

Rapid visualization of active sensors placed in a crisis event.

Plug-in Modules

The platform has been developed to allow OEM supplier’s plug-ins to work seamlessly within the framework.


Professional training, support and service level agreements guarantees system availability.

Click & Deploy

Through the EMS management hierarchy, sensors and objects can be created and managed through a simple click and deploy process.

Direct Drivers

Legacy device drivers such as Aerview and Sperosens integrate onto the same communication layer.

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