Date(s) - 05/09/2018 - 06/09/2018
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Adroit Report Suite Alarm Management Training – Johannesburg

Adroit SCADA includes the Smart User Interface and the Classic User Interface as well as Alarm Management and Report Suite. It is advised to make use of these products before moving to the next phase of development.

Some examples of the uses of managing the Alarms:

  • Number of shutdowns occurring on a specific section over a specific period,
  • Is the operator exposed to too many alarms to handle,
  • Reasons and Notes for the Alarms recorded,
  • Which sections and equipment incurred the most Alarms,
  • Which shift was the quickest to attend to an Alarm?

On this Report Suite Alarm Management training course, we follow on from the plant created in the Basic and Advanced Configuration courses where the alarming system was barely functional. We use the tools available to improve the mixing and filling plant’s alarming system.

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