Date(s) - 20/11/2018 - 21/11/2018
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Adroit Head office


Adroit SCADA Intelligence Training – Johannesburg

Adroit SCADA includes both the Smart User Interface and the Classic User Interface as well as Report Suite and Analysis tools. ASI (Adroit SCADA Intelligence) starts its journey from SQL Server. It is recommended that data be logged to SQL using Adroit agents, Audit and DBLog for at least 3 months to show the benefit of ASI as the additional reporting tool.

Every hour the Extract Transform Load (ETL) will run. This process involves taking the raw out of SQL and moving it inot cutup tables in SQL with relationships and keys. From a configuration point of view you will only need to configure the tags so that they are cutup into their relevant S95 parts, typically: site name, area, work centre, work unit, equipment, equipment type, signal, shift, batch and lot.

On this course, we carry on from where the Alarm Management course ended. Your created plant has grown and has been sold to a multinational corporate company whose directors require a drill-down reporting ability from across the world. In this course we setup the system to allow them to view the relevant information from anywhere in the world.

NOTE: ASI will only run on a full install of SQL. Being approved Microsoft resellers, you can buy SQL from us at a substantial discount. ASI will not run in Demo mode and therefore requires a licensed USB HASP to run.

Cost per person: 2 Day Course
R5 324.00   Excluding. VAT

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