Factory Automation Hardware


Compact PLC Overview

Widely used in applications ranging from machine control to networked systems. Compact PLCs contain I/O, CPU, memory and power supply in a single unit.

Modular PLC Overview

Modular controllers like the L-series, iQ-R series and System Q are high-performance systems with broad functionality, and operation times measured in nanoseconds.

Variable Speed Drives

Greater control over a motor’s speed and torque performance, with reduced energy costs, with four types of inverter: Simple, Economy, Flexible & Advanced.


A cost effective solution for high-speed, high accuracy pick-and-place applications as well as some basic assembly tasks, shipped with full control software as a standard.


A complete solution for line and load side distribution, ranging from air circuit breakers to moulded case breakers and magnetic contractors.

HMI Hardware

Mitsubishi Electric has raised the bar for HMIs with the GOT2000 series, designed to optimise operator control and monitoring of device and line status with increased performance.