MELSOFT FR-Configurator

Inverter setup software

Troubleshooting with your PC – Easy setup


The setup software FR-Configurator is a powerful tool for the operation of your frequency inverter. It runs under Windows making it possible to manage your inverters with a standard PC.

You can configure, operate and monitor multiple frequency inverters simultaneously via a network with a PC or notebook computer. The Software FR-Configurator is designed for all frequency inverters of the 700 series.

The PC can be connected to the inverters either via an RS485 network or directly with the optional SC-FR PC adapter cable. For the FR-E700/FR-A700 series a USB-connector is also available.


  • Due to the network capabilities of the inverter up to 32 frequency inverters can be operated simultaneously.
  • By means of overall and function related overviews different parameters can be adjusted easily.
  • The comprehensible display functions enable data, analog, oscillograph, and alarm displays.
  • The analysis of the inverter status provides a thorough error correction.
  • The test operation provides a simulation of the operation and adjustment via the auto-tuning function.
  • Parameters can be saved on the personal computer and printed out.
  • The extensive online help provides support concerning all questions regarding settings and operation.

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