Programmable Logic Controllers


The world’s best selling compact PLC just got even better


Improved connectivity

Various built-in functionalities

Increasing productivity & reducing TCO

Improved debugging & troubleshooting functions

Outstanding performance

With the launch of the FX5 compact PLC, Mitsubishi Electric has made the world’s best selling PLC even better. Since the launch of the original FX over 30 years ago, Mitsubishi Electric has sold over 13 million units across the globe. As the first compact PLC to be seen in the European market, the FX transformed automation by bringing PLC control and functionality into smaller, lower cost applications that would previously have had to rely solely on discrete relay-based logic. Each generation of the FX has set new standards, and not only in the compact controllers class.

Premium micro PLC

The new FX5 PLC gives the FX a performance boost and adds new features that set benchmark standards for micro PLCs. It enables users to develop more complex and sophisticated automation systems, as well as higher performance applications, without having to migrate to a larger and more costly PLC family. At the same time, programming through the same GX Works software used for other controllers in the Mitsubishi Electric range supports scalability.

Making high performance control affordable

With their compact dimensions and unrivalled cost/performance ratio, the new FX5 PLCs offer the means to drive up innovation in numerous machine control applications and automation tasks, giving users the functionality and flexibility to realise new ideas and increase system performance.

FX5 Compact PLC
I/O Range (input: output)32 (1:1)64 (1:1)80 (1:1)
Maximum I/O Range (including network)256 (512)
Dimensions (WxHxD)150x90x83220x90x83285x90x83
CPU PerformanceLDmax. 40 ns
CPU PerformanceMOV100 ns
Memory size
Program64 K steps
Memory size
Comment and sourceComment: 2 MB
Source: 1 MB
Memory size
Word device56 K words
Output typeRelay, Transistor
Integrated functions
High speed
1-phase counter
200 KHz 6ch
10 KHz 2ch
Integrated functions
High speed
2-phase counter
100 Kz 3ch
5 KHz 1ch
Integrated functions
Pulse output200 KHz 4 axis (Open collector)
Simple linear interpolation
(Transitor type only)
Integrated functionsMemory card interfaceSD card
Integrated functionsCommunication portEthernet* port, RS485 1ch
Integrated functionsAnalog
Input (resolution)
2ch (12 bit)
Integrated functionsAnalog
Output (resolution)
1ch (12 bit)
Integrated functionsReal time clockRetained up to 10 days with capacitor
(Ambient temperature 25°C)
Integrated functionsService power supply (24 V DC)400 mA
Expansion board slots1 slot
AdaptorCommunication expandability2
AdaptorAnalog expandability4