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Web and Mobile SCADA

Adroit Web-client Dashboard was designed to allow mobility. It was developed with HTML5 and boasts its responsive design technology, allowing you to access it from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or your smartphone.


Environmental Management System

Single Management Platform

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of measurements, processes, and practices that enable an organisation to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating safety and efficiency. This proactive approach can help reduce the risk of noncompliance and improve workplace health and safety practices for employees and the public. Monitoring strategies and programs are designed to establish, monitor and manage the status of an environment and to establish trends or identify risk.


Adroit IIot Platform

Secure Remote Access on any Device Anywhere

The IoT platform is a tried and tested, award-winning SCADA product and platform. The platform consists of three separate components such as the Adroit real-time IoT platform, the Adroit alarm and event management suite and also the Adroit business intelligence and reporting (Adroit SCADA Intelligence)


We currently require an intermediate BI/SQL Developer to join us on a variety of projects including development of our BI Solution (Product) as well as implementing projects through our solution. This position offers exposure to the latest technologies within the BI stack, as well as organic progression and on-the-job training. As the company plans to employ new technologies, there would also be potential to gain exposure and be part of the process.



Start any control from here

Enhanced performance and ease of use for any machine

The FX5UJ, which boasts excellent performance at a reasonable price, includes the diverse range of built-in functions that earned the FX5U(C) rave reviews, and is even easier to use.

Enhanced built-in functions

– Supports positioning of up to three axes
– Output pulse trains of 200 kpps (transistor output)

Built-in high-speed counter function

The CPU module has eight channels of built-in high-performance high-speed counters. This enables match output and range output control that do not depend on the scan time.

Take the first step toward switching to IoT with FX5UJ built-in functions

Sharing information between manufacturing lines

Simple CPU communication function

Using a simple parameter setting with GX Works3, device data such as production data can be transferred without any program.

Real-time monitoring function

Real-time monitoring function Data logging function Memory dump function The device/label data and data memory in the CPU module can be backed up to the SD memory card. Backed-up data can be restored as needed. The contents of any devices can be monitored on real-time basis using GX LogViewer. Because changes in device values are displayed in a trend graph, changes can be noticed at a glance! The debugging efficiency is considerably improved at startup and troubleshooting. This function facilitates the resetting procedure, and enables graph check at a later time.

Easy programming with GX Works3

GX Works3 is the next generation of our engineering software. It is simple and easy to use while still supporting structured programming and offering a diverse suite of new functions and technologies designed for MELSEC iQ-R series and iQ-F series control systems. This one piece of software can be used to intuitively perform operations ranging from system design to maintenance, reducing development costs.