GPS Positioning Module


Most controllers including PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) are not able to do GPS positioning. In industrial automation, mining, building management, water management, network management, manufacturing and the IIoT markets, GPS positioning is an important tool.

Adroit technologies have developed a GPS positioning module to suit the requirements of the different industries including:

    • Resource management – managing movable assets that are in operation.
    • Security and risk management – tracking missing or stolen assets.
    • Asset location – locating assets that are in operation such as vehicles.

This module can be added to any movable asset with a PLC.

The module is on a DIN Rail Mount Enclosure with a power supply of 6.5-32V DC power and 500mA. The GPS Positioning uses Modbus Serial. The microprocessor is a 16 MHz Atmel Processor.

Programmable I/O with:

  • 8 Digital I/O (Modbus Addresses)
  • 3 Analogue inputs (12bit) (Modbus Addresses)