GT SoftGOT2000

GT SoftGOT2000 is the HMI software that runs on personal computers and panel computers. It can be used to monitor and operate the information of industrial devices that are connected to a personal computer or a panel computer via a network.
  • * GT SoftGOT2000 is a software included in GT Works3. A separate license key (GT27-SGTKEY-U) must be installed during use.

All-in-one package

All capabilities required for PLC engineering including the configuration function of the intelligent function module and simulation function are integrated into a single package. The all-in-one GX Works2 package supports entire engineering such as system design, programming, debug and maintenance.

Monitor the shop floor from a remote location by monitoring and operating the information of various industrial devices.

As a remote monitoring tool from your office

  • Remote monitoring

Various information of the shop floor can be checked on a personal computer in your office. By making settings with HMI/GOT Screen Design Software GT Works3, necessary information can be checked easily.

As the operation panel of devices

  • Convenient operation panel

GT SoftGOT2000 can be used as the operation panel providing operation and monitoring of various industrial devices. In addition, by launching applications compatible with Windows® OS (such as Microsoft® Excel®), the work that you used to do with your computer can be integrated.

Mitsubishi Electric panel computer MI3000 is available for easy setup since GT SoftGOT2000 is pre-installed on the terminal.

As a tool to notify operators of necessary information

  • Notify operation status

The resolution can be set flexibly.

By using a large display or a laptop computer, ANDON display and simple remote monitoring can be performed so that operators in a remote location can be notified of the operation status.

Supported resolution
X × Y: 640 to 1920 dots × 480 to 1200 dots

For edge computing purposes

  • Simple analysis

Supporting Edgecross, which is the open software platform in Japan in the edge computing field that coordinates factory automation and IT systems.

Edgecross interaction function easily visualizes the data collected and processed by Edgecross.

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