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Mitsubishi Electric MELFA Robots

Compact and high functional

The compact, modular robot controller is an integral part of the robot system. It contains the CPU and the power electronics for powering and controlling the robot. Some benefits include:

  • Number crunching power – a 64-bit RISC processor with DSP provides ample power
  • Gentle joining – the standard “compliance control” function guarantees gentle positioning
  • Sensorless collision monitoring – potential collision situations are identified reliably without an additional sensor
  • Digital inputs and outputs – 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs are included as standard with CR1 controller
  • Large program memory – store up to 88 independent programs all of which can call each other for example when different program sequences are needed for different products

The right solution for every application

The MELFA robots are designed from the ground up to cater to the needs of virtually all industrial applications, providing the flexibility you need to reconfigure your production facilities fast.

MELFA robots have models which have capabilities such as:

  • SCARA or articulated-arm construction
  • 4 to 6 degrees of freedom (axes)
  • Handling payloads from 1kg to 12kg
  • Working reaches from 150mm to 1,385mm

The MELFA Range

The MELFA range of robots includes a great diversity of types, models and versions. The articulated-arm RV-A and RV-SD lines include everything from high-performance compact models with 1kg payloads to powerful models that can handle up to 12kg.

For high-precision positioning tasks Mitsubishi Electric offers the RP-AH and RH-SDH ranges of SCARA robots with cycle periods of less than 1s and positioning accuracy as precise as 5µm.

Programming made easy

Using Mitsubishi Electric robots is easy. Programming a Mitsubishi robot arm is a lot easier than most people imagine. The programming language of the tech pendent is a simple sentence-like structure with commands such a MOV being used to program the robot to move.

In addition to this the advanced RT ToolBox2 and MELFA WORKS software packages provide enhanced programming and simulation capabilities, making it possible to design and simulate your robot applications before you actually purchase the hardware.

Innovation in Movement

For years, Mitsubishi Electric robots have been demonstrating the power and productivity of their innovative technology in thousands of demanding applications. These robots are now in service in virtually all branches of the motor industry and its suppliers, and also in medial, education and training applications. With their powerful controllers they provide cost-effective, reliable and easily-installable solutions for everything from simple tool and component handling tasks to complex applications in which the entire system is controlled by the robot.

Precision and Flexibility

Versatility – Mitsubishi’s robots are fitted with a standard robot gripper flange so you can attache any compatible grippers. Cables and hoses are routed internally where they cannot snag on peripherals.

The ideal trainer – Thousands of students and trainees have already learned to appreciate the capabilities of Mitsubishi’s robots on training systems.

Small robots, bit solutions – Although MELFA robots can be used in individual machines and “island solutions” they really develop their full versatility as components in integrated systems.

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Melfa Family Industrial Robots
Operating conditionsSpecifications
Degrees of freedom (axes)1 to 6
PayloadFrom 1kg to 12kg