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Solutions for Power Infrastructures

According to the IEA, renewable energy is now the fastest growing sector in the energy mix and accounts for almost a fifth of all the electricity produced worldwide. The world’s total primary energy supply has increased from just below 6,000 Mtoe in 1971 to just over 12,000 Mtoe in 2009 with oil dropping from a total of 42% 1973 to 32.8% in 2009. With rapidly expanding residential and commercial areas, reliable power supply to customers require continuous monitoring and control. Adroit SCADA is not bound to any specific hardware type, has a library of free drivers to connect to any PLC together with high availability hot-standby solutions which makes it an ideal choice in an industry where robustness and reliability is key. Adroit SCADA offers great flexibility to customers.

Adroit Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric understand these challenges and have the necessary solutions to be able to address them consistently around the clock, year after year, with complete confidence. We offer a range of solutions that have the necessary flexibility and dependability to meet these demands with the support of many years of experience working with customers in the power resources industry.

The Mitsubishi Electric PLC range with M2M support, and FR-series VSDs with energy saving selection is ideal for the power industry. Adroit Technologies is the market leader of process control software in South Africa, and with approximately 80% market share you know you have partners you can trust.

The Mitsubishi Electric FR-F740

Mitsubishi Electric’s FR-F700 series is a completely new range of variable speed drives with truly exceptional power conservation capabilities. These drives are ideal for pumps, ventilation fans and applications with reduced overload requirements.


The Mitsubishi Electric Q-Series

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is totally scalable, this PLC offers redundant process CPUs for critical operation and due to its modular design, uses less space than many other controllers.

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Adroit SCADA

Adroit SCADA with easy and scalable licensing allows clients to operate an efficient system of any size.

Adroit Technologies’ vast experience with its SCADA in the water industry has allowed for the development of unique features, specific equipment, wizards and templates that specifically caters to the water industry. Together with Mitsubishi Electric’s expertise, our combined experience in the water industry stretches well beyond 20 years. We have extensive relationships with major water utilities, both locally and internationally, and have been responsible for the automation of some the largest installations in the regions.

M2M 300

The Mitsubishi Electric M2M Solution

The Mitsubishi Electric M2M Solution remotely communicates with the PLC without needing an on-site technician.. The software can be loaded on any FX3, L-Series or Q-Series PLC which gives the same functionality of a PLC with the added functionality of a remote RTU.


The Mitsubishi Electric FX Family

The world’s favorite micro PLCs. The FX Family of PLCs is the PLC of choice across the world, industries adn applications.

Wide range power supply means your FX solution will work all over the world. The FX-Family is designed so that the main PLC CPU acts as a platform to which you can add and customise the special functions you need, making every FX your personal PC.