Inverter FREQROL CS80

Intelligent drives in smart manufacturing

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FREQROL CS80

Compact and Smart

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FREQROL CS80

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FREQROL CS80

World’s smallest-class compact body

Various Functions in a Small Body Compact and Smart Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FREQROL CS80

Discover the power of innovation with our FR-CS84-012-60 inverters, engineered for efficient side-by-side installation, saving valuable space while delivering exceptional performance. These inverters boast versatile features, including general-purpose magnetic flux vector control and auto-tuning functions, making them ideal for high-torque applications such as washing machines and conveyors.

Upgrade your industrial operations with our FR-CS84-012-60 inverters and experience unmatched efficiency and performance. Save space without compromising power – explore our innovative solutions today!”

The Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FREQROL CS80 Compact size achieved by a low heat generation design. Space saving due to side-by-side installation. General-purpose magnetic flux vector control. Reduced wiring check time. By providing general-purpose magnetic-flux control in the world’s smallest compact body, the FR-CS80 offers cost-efficient solutions. This makes the FR-CS80 suitable for almost all industrial applications.

Inverter FREQROL CS80
Why choose us​

Built-in Features of the Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FREQROL CS80 Simple Solution Drive:

Easy Maintenance

* Reduced Wiring Check Time
* Spring Clamp Terminals
* Fan replacement times <10sec

Shorter Start-up time

* FR Configurator2 start-up functions
* Automatic restart after power failures

High Performance

* High overload capacity of 200%
* Integrated brake chopper
* Sensorless vector control
* Flying start

Easy to use

* Built-in multi-user panel
* Standard FR Configurator2
* Std RS485 interface (MODBUS RTU supported)

Compact Installation

* Low heat generation design
* Side-by-side installation – 3 vs 2 conventional models

Variety of Functions

* Failure safety self-diagnostics
* Optimum Excitation Control (OEC)
* Integrated emergency stop function

Variety of Functions to Support Various Applications

CS80 Applications
Inverter FREQROL CS80 4
CS80 various Applications
Inverter FREQROL CS80 5

General-purpose magnetic flux vector control

General-purpose magnetic flux vector control and auto-tuning functions are available. These functions ensure that applications that require high starting torque, such as washing machines, agitators, and transfer machines including conveyors, hoists, and elevators

Brake unit connection

The brake unit can be connected using terminal P/+ and terminal N/-. It is useful for applications
that require regenerative braking torque during deceleration, such as transfer machines and food machines.

Inverter setup software FR Configurator2

The software is easy to use and has unity as Mitsubishi Electric FA products with MELSOFT common design and good operability. A free trial version, which contains start-up functions, is
available. It can be downloaded at Mitsubishi Electric FA Global Website.

Supporting high-speed communication

Using a controller, the inverter can be controlled and monitored via a network. The standard model with an RS-485 interface (Mitsubishi inverter protocol, MODBUS RTU protocol) enables communication with a speed of up to 115.2 kbps.

Easy wiring to the control circuit

Wiring is completed only by inserting the dedicated blade terminal of each cable.
Without using the blade terminal, the loose wires can also be connected using a flathead screwdriver. High reliability; Internal terminal contacts are spring-type. Therefore, wires can be protected against loosening or contact faults due to vibrations during operation on a bogie or during transport. Maintenance-free; No additional screw tightening is required,

Easy-to-follow display improves the operability

Easy connection with GOT; When the automatic connection is enabled, the inverter can communicate with the GOT2000 series simply by connecting the GOT.

General-purpose magnetic flux vector control

Due to the general-purpose magnetic flux vector control, the inverter provides high-level torque even at low speed, without the need for an encoder.

Fast-response current limit

Operation continues and the overcurrent alarm is not activated even if there is a sudden change in the load.

DC Bus connection for energy saving

The DC Bus connectivity makes it possible to save energy within the system and even makes it possible to connect a brake chopper or a regenerating unit.

Easy Plug-and-play connection to HMI (GOT) via RS485

When the inverter function “Automatic connection” is enabled, the inverter can communicate with the GOT 2000 series via RS-485, by simply connecting the HMI.

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