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Mitsubishi Electric’s low voltage switchgear

Article Published – August 2015

Mitsubishi Electric’s groundbreaking research and design has resulted in innovative LV switchgear that provides users with greater quality, safety and reliability. Today’s LVS products feature meticulously designed technology providing greater safety and high voltage breaking performance.

By meeting global norms and standards, Mitsubishi Electric low voltage switchgear meets all the standards and specifications laid down in the EU Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC. All units carry the CE mark and are certified to UL, cUL and GOST conformance levels.

Six reasons to choose Mitsubishi Electric low voltage switchgear

  1. High performance – one class higher performance realises superb breaking performance, hence the safety of valuable circuits can be securely maintained.
  2. High reliability – safe and fault-free operation is guaranteed by various protective mechanisms and safety functions. Reliability is provided due to high operating durability.
  3. Global – in addition to complying with well-known international norms and standards, the low voltage switchgears are also certified by several marine approvals.
  4. Best solution – high flexibility of the various ranges with plenty of accessories for easy installation enable the best solution for each application.
  5. Intelligent – main functions, including trip status, alarm and load current are displayed on the LCD screen and can also be output as signals.
  6. Customer friendly – functionality, compatibility and perfect mechanical design are the main features of the low voltage switchgear supplied.