Maximising Food Production using MAPS and Mitsubishi

A food production company in Ireland chose the combined expertise of the MAPS SCADA/HMI and Mitsubishi services to provide a complete and highly efficient automation solution.

The Food and Beverage Industry is a vast and complex one and the MAPS SCADA is ideally suited to assist in the efficient monitoring and control of even the most complicated Food and Beverage production plant.

The rigid and quality-driven nature of the Food and Beverage industry is ideally suited to the MAPS SCADA/HMI product. The time tested and proven reliability of the product sees MAPS being used by large Food and Beverage producers to safely run these valuable and strategic assets.

The MAPS architecture and openness offers the Food and Beverage industry a unique capability, of not only traditional SCADA/HMI functionality but the ability to integrate all aspects of their operations.

By adopting a more holistic approach to Operations management significant savings and operational efficiencies can be realized. And in an industry that produces such a precious commodity MAPS is uniquely placed to ensure a superior quality of supply in all aspects of the operations and management of these facilities. MAPS communication to the databases for recipe handling is extremely powerful and easy. 

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Process Visualisation
  • Process Events and Alarming Management
  • Quality Management
  • Historical Data Logging and Trending
  • Process Improvement
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Integration into Business Application

Utilizing a range of key technologies offered by Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products realized a total process control solution, but also managed the different processes on an industrial scale, to ensure an overall product and quality improvement through plant visualization, which had been achieved by using the Mitsubishi FX range of PLC’s, Mitsubishi HMI’s and MAPS software and reporting. 

In the food and beverage fields, where stringent quality control is essential, there is a demand to both maintain quality and achieve greater efficiency in areas such as high-accuracy process control to maintain temperatures, humidity and pressure, reduce equipment set-up changeover time, improve contamination measures and food traceability (product tracking, raw material retroactivity), and perform multifaceted inspections.e-F@ctory contributes to the safe and secure production of food and beverages through versatile visualization and inspection systems.