Vision Sensor

Easily automate inspection and measurement, enabling quality improvement

Integrated Lighting and Compact Size

Easy Installation and Intuitive Setting

Highly compatible with Mitsubishi Electric products

High-speed/ accuracy/ reliable image processing tool

MELSENSOR Vision Sensor

The vision sensor is the key device in the shop floor that detects data necessary for e-F@ctory in real-time. Mitsubishi Electric vision sensor VS20 is SLMP*1-ready and highly compatible with Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products. Measuring results are seamlessly coordinated with the edge computing level, realizing
smooth analysis for reducing TCO*2.

Integrated lighting and compact size

Camera, lighting, and image processing are integrated into a palm-sized device. External lighting and image processing module are not necessary, allowing installation in a constrained space.

Easy installation and intuitive setting

Equipped with a high-intensity LED ring light, setup of an external light is not required. Even novice users can install the vision sensor easily. Dedicated software enables intuitive engineering, allowing first-time users to configure highly reliable inspection system for different applications.

Highly compatible with Mitsubishi Electric products

With SLMP, the vision sensor can be easily connected with Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products. Recognition images of the vision sensor are transferred to the GOT (HMI) or IT system via an FTP server, realizing traceability by comparing recognition result and recognition image.