Digital Protection Relay

Intelligent energy asset protection

Monitor Relay and Manager

Feeder Distribution Relay

Transformer Protection

Generator Protection

Key Benefits

• A comprehensive set of more than 50 protection functions in a single platform
• Equally at home in LV and MV applications
• Easy to set up and commission with a built-in simulator
• One device combines protection with powerful local control
• Extensive analytics for equipment health in support of predictive asset maintenance
• Wide-set of communication protocols including IEC61850 to easily integrate with plant or substation automation systems

Optional Add-ons

External Memory Module
• Stores parameter and logic-function settings and protection configurations.
• Automatically updates when settings are changed or relays replaced.

Insulation Lock-out Module
• Measures resistance of the cable and protected equipment, even while not in use
• Detects potential problems in standby equipment
• Prevents potentially disastrous energisation of equipment with short circuit or earth faults

MEprotect HMI

The operator’s HMI provides touchscreen access to the MEprotect relay at three password protected levels:

Unprotected      Viewing of key operational and protection data

Level 0 Local operation of the equipment, displays key operational and protection data
Level 1 Allows adjustments to selected parameters by authorised technicians and senior operators
Level 2 Allows changes to the protection settings by senior technicians or engineers

The HMI provides independent logging and analysis of events. It is usually door or panel mounted, but can be located up to 1200m distant from the relay. Its intuitive navigation allows easy MEprotect configuration and parameter setting. Seven and 10 inch screens are available, the latter able to serve up to eight MEprotect relays.

Integration with SCADA and DCS Systems

MEprotect can be used in MCCs, switchgear panels, or generator protection cabinets, with or without an HMI. Its fieldbus interfaces allow easy integration with PLCs, DCSs and SCADA systems.

The illustration shows integration of a MEprotect-based protection system with Mitsubishi Electric’s PMSXpro® DCS using Profibus or Profinet. Similar integration can be easily achieved with MAPS SCADA.

Standardised functions in Mitsubishi Electric’s DCS and SCADA allow plug and- play monitoring and control of the protected equipment. Similarly, equipment can be switched on and off and monitored remotely.

In addition, these functions allow remote, centralised setting and resetting of MEprotect relays and downloading of operational data logs. This means MEprotect relays can be deployed in hazardous or geographically remote locations.