Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite (MAPS)

Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite (MAPS)

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An integrated PLC/SCADA programming and management tool

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One Platform built for the integration of new/existing Operations and IT systems

Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite is a collaboration between Adroit Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric focused on offering an integrated PLC/SCADA programming and management tool.

The result is an integrated life-cycle management solution for the automation industry.

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Unlike traditional SCADA programs, Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite delivers a tightly integrated SCADA and PLC solution built around preconfigured and tested engineering libraries, with a built-in full suite of diagnostics and maintenance tools and integrated document management capabilities.

The Art of Manufacturing “Monozukuri”
Strategic Planning for Production feed mill using MAPS and CC-Link

Why choose us​

Features and Benefits

Value Added Features

Engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs can be reduced considerably by using MAPS.​

Integrated PLC and SCADA

MAPS delivers a tightly integrated SCADA and PLC solution built around preconfigured and tested engineering libraries, with a built-in full suite of diagnostics and maintenance tools and integrated document management capabilities

Std. Approach to Projects

With pre-defined, user-configurable PLC function blocks and associated SCADA graphics that are based on the International S88 and S95 standards, MAPS delivers great value in reducing time and effort in the automation project’s design, testing and commissioning phases

Secure Remote Acces

Modern communication solutions, remote control concepts and flexible data management mean that the plant operators are now able to visualise the status of all the parts of the plant from a central location at any time

Single Point Configuration

The MAPS solution is a structured single point of configuration. EPLAN P8 CAE Software support and structured single point of configuration allow for bulk engineering

Windows Security

Windows security ensures that only authorised persons are able to access the system by managing users and groups

Automatic Report Generation

MAPS addresses another big shortfall in automation projects through reports that can be generated, covering I/O schedules and PLC and SCADA tag configuration

Life-Cycle Management

The MAPS solution offers the capability of ongoing management of PLC/SCADA and the plants’ “as-built” electrical and instrumentation documentation

FDA Guidelines

The 21CFR11 feature provides additional auditing and authentication functionality that is not only important for regulated industries such as pharmaceutical but also for general manufacturing and process where a second level of verification and an Audit trail is required

Process visualisation and productivity

Create advanced, secure, and integrated solutions that deliver value to your business. The MAPS 4 SCADA/MAPS HMI and related software products provide the latest automation software for general industrial users including water utilities, telecommunications, food and beverage, manufacturing, life sciences, processing, building, and facilities management industries. MAPS is also built to deliver solutions around IoT applications.

Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite takes raw data from the front-end device like a PLC or RTU in the process field and transforms it into an easy-to-understand graphic representation, whilst adding the ability to log history, do alarming, and process values.

Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite

Life-cycle engineering

With a structured system design, Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite supports consistency and integrity right across the automation system throughout its life cycle from process design and engineering through installation and commissioning
to maintenance and setup.

Engineered to offer a fully integrated management solution, Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite can significantly reduce lifecycle engineering efforts and costs, offering savings of up to 50%. MAPS adds value throughout all the phases of the automation system project, from process design to engineering, development of the control systems, installation, commissioning, startup, and acceptance testing, through to operations, maintenance, repairs, and ongoing upgrades.

Supported Drivers

Reduced engineering costs
Engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs can be considerably reduced with the preassembled modules and templates available in the MAPS Library.

Optimised PLC network Communication
With the NASA driver (New Adroit Scanning Architecture) into MAPS 4, it is now possible to decide what needs to be scanned and when. Only tags that are currently visible, logged, alarmed or part of a calculation (i.e. expressions) are actively scanned.

Situational Awareness
Secure remote access modern communication solutions, remote control concepts, and flexible data management mean that the plant operators are now able to visualise the status of all the parts of the plant from a central location at any time and on any hardware-independent device. Windows security ensures that only authorised users can access the system by managing users and groups.

Situational awareness or situation awareness (SA) is the perception of environmental elements and events with respect to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their future status


Adroit Air Screens

Adroit Air

Always be in contact with your plant via push notifications

Adroit Air is an alarm notification and text message platform that enables users to receive alarms and process data directly on their smart device from your MAPS 4 SCADA platform. One free connection comes standard with every MAPS 4 SCADA. The primary purpose of the Adroit Air app is to receive alarms from your MAPS 4 SCADA. The user will see a list of up to 20 of the highest-priority active alarms.

Performance Anywhere

MAPS has become mobile

MAPS Web-client Dashboard was designed to allow mobility. It was developed with HTML5 and boasts
responsive design technology, allowing you to access it from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or your smartphone. MAPS 4 SCADA manages the connection over the internet and allows you to configure a profile that manages the data transferred between client and server.

Performance Anywhere Adroit Lite
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Secure Mobile Gateway

Secure Remote Access on any Device Anywhere

Secure Mobile Gateway is an additional software component providing Web Access to existing Adroit graphics, giving you secure remote access on any device anywhere. Secure Mobile Gateway technology provides web browser access (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.) from any device. User interface graphic forms can be designed once for display on any device that supports an HTML 5 browser.

Industry 4.0 and IoT ready

MAPS 4 SCADA is ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution
Telemetry, remote data acquisition, and being internet-aware make MAPS 4 SCADA an excellent choice to take advantage of the new Industry 4.0 and IoT revolution. Hosting MAPS 4 SCADA in the cloud or privately and using the IoT Agent allows MAPS 4 SCADA to seamlessly talk to third-party IoT cloud-hosted
environments. Independent of the chosen environment (Amazon, Azure, Huawei, Sigfox, or NBIoT), MAPS 4 SCADA is an ideal IoT application builder and Enterprise framework. Additionally, the built-in OPC UA, Sigfox, and MQTT drivers allow secure communications to devices deployed anywhere on the cloud.

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