Uninterruptable Power Supply

If downtime in your business equals disaster, Mitsubishi Electric and Adroit Technologies can achieve the highest reliability among backup power electronic suppliers.

Mitsubishi Electric uninterruptible power supplies can be leveraged to support a variety of critical applications and challenges from downtime. Whether you need to ensure consistent, clean power connections in the medical field or keep your communication lines open despite blackouts, our backup power systems can help.

Batteries and DC Power Solutions

Choosing the right DC backup power solution is crucial for the optimum performance of your UPS. With our years of experience and multiple storage solution offerings, we can help you determine the power and performance you need from your battery backup system.
We offer:
• Proven lithium-ion battery solutions utilizing different chemistries from reliable providers such as Samsung and Saft
• Full range of VRLA battery solutions from top vendors including EnerSys, Deka, C&D Technologies, and Narada
• VLA (Wet Cell) solutions from EnerSys & C&D Technologies
• Pure lead batteries
• Flywheel technology

Maintenance Bypasses and Switchgear

Mitsubishi Electric offers a full line of peripherals including external maintenance bypasses and switchgear for all of its UPS offerings complemented by a talented and experienced team to help you decide the best options for your particular application.
• Standard maintenance bypass designs for shorter lead times
• Full custom designs to meet your specifications
• UPS paralleling cabinets
• UL 891 and UL 1558 designs available
• Breaker vendor agnostic
• Available with options such as power monitoring, output distribution, load centres, and transformers

Custom Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric’s UPS division has a proven history of delivering customized backup power solutions to suit a customer’s specific needs. A dedicated group of project application engineers are charged with the task of planning, managing, and following
individual projects and are intimately involved in a number of different tasks, such as:

• Managing the project timeline, including delivery, installation, startup, commissioning, and equipment turnover
• Reviewing product specifications & recommending equipment
• Verifying the proposed equipment meets the scope of the project
• Developing submittal package for customer approval Answering design questions
• Answering design questions

Mitsubishi Electric remains committed to designing specialized integral power solutions that not only include traditional configurations, but also those involving skids and containers, and one-of-a-kind solutions such as the innovative MegaPod®, pictured here.

Market Applications

Mitsubishi Electric uninterruptible power supplies can be leveraged to support a variety of critical applications and challenges from downtime. Whether you need to ensure consistent, clean power connections in the medical field or keep your communication lines open despite blackouts, our backup power systems can help.

Data Centres: 

Data centres house the information technologies crucial to most business and government operations, and increasingly important in our personal lives. The UPS backup system is a critical component in ensuring data centres remain fully operational during inevitable power interruptions and disturbances. Data centres that want to provide reliable, continuous, quality power in the most demanding environment, at the highest levels of efficiency, have selected Mitsubishi Electric UPS as their emergency power supply.

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Communication Applications: 

Downtime for critical communication equipment operators can result in compromises to public safety and security, ineffective emergency responses, service level agreement penalties, low customer satisfaction, or loss of revenue.  Businesses and consumers alike expect continuous transmission and delivery of voice, live broadcasts, information, and content over satellite, cable, and fibre. A continuous and clean power backup is essential in ensuring that communications are seamlessly maintained even during power outages and disturbances.  Communication equipment operators that insist on the most reliable power protection available choose Mitsubishi Electric Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

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Medical Equipment: 

Healthcare providers and diagnostic laboratories require continual uptime to increasingly meet the 24 hour demands on their medical equipment. Additionally, medical equipment such as MRI systems can be sensitive and need a clean, consistent signal to operate as intended. Power conditioning is as essential as protecting against a total loss of power, and an emergency power supply system helps contain and reduce these events. Our UPS backups provide true online double conversion – a non-negotiable trait when consistent power is desired.

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Inconsistent power quality can have a significant impact on performance and costs in the manufacturing industry. Power outages, transients, sags and harmonics can mean loss of revenue from downtime, high costs from scrap/rework, and significant expenses repairing and replacing equipment. Leveraging a UPS power conditioner in a manufacturing setting will even out the incoming power supply to reduce the impact of fluctuations from the utility company. UPS also provide backup support in the event of an outage and can be paired with a generator for extended downtime support.

A controlled power supply is essential for electronic production equipment, instruments and IT operations in manufacturing. With an UPS backup system from Mitsubishi Electric, manufacturers have an emergency power supply to ensure critical operations and expensive manufacturing processes are successfully performed without interruption – minimizing scrap, damage to equipment, and missed shipment dates.

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Additional Applications:

In addition to the above-mentioned applications, uninterruptible power supplies are also employed in many other instances, such as:

  • providing continuous & secure operations of point of sale, lighting, and cooling & heating in large retail and hospitality venues
  • providing reliable backup power for gaming systems and display monitors in casinos
  • providing an extra layer of protection for security alarms and communications in utilities and their remote substations