Mitsubishi FR-E800 Inverter

Mitsubishi FR-E800 Inverter

World’s smallest inverter with high functionality

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FR-E800

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter FR-E800

The world’s smallest inverter with high functionality

Designed to save energy, reduce footprint, and minimize cost with advances in quality, performance, and maintenance capabilities.

Designed to save energy, reduce footprint, and minimize costs with advances in quality, performance, and maintenance capabilities.

Since the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing technologies have continuously evolved. Now, we stand at the cusp of a new era—a time for another revolution. Inverters are intricately linked to the world, signifying a pivotal shift. As architects of the future of manufacturing, we envision what lies ahead

AI technology and smartphone connectivity support initial startup and troubleshooting, while extensive maintenance functions contribute to improved maintainability.

Mitsubishi FR-E800 Inverter

Artificial intelligence (AI) supports users in various ways

Real-time connection with the host IT system enables centralized or remote monitoring of operations, which further streamlines production.

  • Improving productivity by supporting CC-Link IE TSN as a standard
    • Real-time production data collection is enabled by high-speed, stable communication, which contributes to the improvement of productivity.
  • Expanding a range of applications with multi-protocols
    • Multi-protocol support enables switching between various types of communication networks. Protocols of major global industrial Ethernet networks are supported by the inverter without using a plug-in option.
  • Enabling flexible connection with two Ethernet ports provided as standard
    • Connection in line topology without using a switching hub is enabled, which widens the choice of connection methods.

AI technology and smartphone connectivity support initial startup or troubleshooting. Extensive maintenance functions will contribute to improvement in maintainability.

  • Reducing downtime using the AI function
    • The AI fault diagnosis function is used to identify the cause of a fault, enabling the fastest troubleshooting procedure.
  • Enhancing predictive maintenance
    • Integrating the world’s first1 “Corrosive-Attack-Level Alert System (CALAS™)”2 makes it possible to identify signs of inverter damage caused by corrosive gas. The environmental impact diagnosis function for the control circuit board enables visualization of the environment where the inverter is installed, enhancing maintainability and preventing faults (for coated models (-60/-06) only).
    • *1: According to our investigation as of September 10, 2019.
    • *2: Patent applied for.
    • Alert system for the risk of corrosive damage (degree of corrosion) of electrical equipment
  • Further facilitating operation with your smartphone
    • Using smartphones or tablets, users can scan the QR code on the product to access the setup information or can access inverters via a wireless network with a mobile app. This will contribute to the reduction in startup time and an improvement in maintainability.

Advanced harmony between humans and FA devices

Functional safety functions and wireless inverter connection enable stable and safe operation of the system.

  • Reducing the costs of safety
    • The inverter is compliant with safety integrity level (SIL) 2 or 3 of the IEC 61508 standard for functional safety.
    • Safety monitoring functions conforming to IEC 61800-5-2, such as the safe torque off (STO) and safely limited speed (SLS) functions, ensure safe operation for users.
  • Configuring simple safety systems
    • The inverter supporting safety communication eliminates the need to prepare separate safety communication devices or complex wiring for both control and network cables.
  • Ensuring operators’ safety by wireless interfaces
    • Adjustments of inverter parameters and inverter monitoring can be performed wirelessly away from the system, ensuring operators’ safety.

Various control methods are supported to expand applications in many systems. Reducing energy consumption contributes to carbon neutrality

  • Supporting various control methods
    • Various control methods such as Vector control (with encoder), Real sensorless vector control (without encoder), and positioning without using sensors are supported. Premium efficiency motors and PM motors are supported, enabling applications in various solutions.
  • Reducing environmental loads
    • Driving high-efficiency motors and using regenerative power contributes to the reduction of energy consumption in production lines.
  • Expanding applications with the enhanced product line
    • The product line is enhanced as compared to the preceding FR-E700 inverters.

Wide range of applications

Supporting various systems and environments

Expanded capacity range
The product line of three-phase 200/400 V class inverters now includes up to 22K models. The capacity range is expanded as compared to the preceding FR-E700 inverters.

Inverter power specifications
Three-phase 200/400/575 V and single-phase 200/100 V inverters support a wider range of motor power specifications.
(Three-phase 200/400/575 V motors can be driven.)

Improved environmental resistance
Various applications are supported by allowing for corrosive environments or a wide range of surrounding air temperatures.

What Control Methods Can the FR-E800 Family Perform?

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