Mitsubishi Graphic Operator Terminals

n industrial automation, the HMI represents the face of the machine and should show the all-important process and status information to the operator. The devices of the GOT series offer an optimal dialogue between human and machine and are completely integrated into the FA philosophy of Mitsubishi Electric. Operations of the system get transparent and by the deep integration with FA products of Mitsubishi Electric, they offer e.g. a very fast diagnostic for the removal of problems. This shortens downtimes and increases the added value of production. Therefore they are the ideal extension for MELSEC PLC systems and other components of Factory Automation. GOTs can be installed directly to the machine while the connection to other FA products is simple and cost-efficient. Without big efforts, it is possible to show all relevant information in graphical form to the operator. Even under heavy-duty conditions, the HMIs remain operational due to the protective structure IP65 (and higher).

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