Mitsubishi Inverter



Mitsubishi Inverter FR-E800

FR-E800—World’s smallest class inverter with high functionality

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing technologies have evolved over the years. And now, is the time for a new revolution. A new era has started. Inverters are connected to the world. We design future manufacturing and what’s ahead.

  • Real-time connection with the host IT system enables centralized or remote monitoring of operation, which further streamlines the production.
  • AI technology and smartphone connectivity support initial startup or troubleshooting. Extensive maintenance functions will contribute to improvement in maintainability.
  • Functional safety functions and wireless inverter connection enable stable and safe operation of the system.
  • Various control methods are supported to expand applications in many systems.

Designed for the smart factory

Supporting various networks enable flexible system design.

Designed for a wide range of applications

The extended range of capacities and dimensions supports various applications.

  • Supporting various systems and environments
  • Effective solution for downsizing equipment
  • Optimizing the layout inside the enclosure
  • Enabling installation in various environments
  • Improving productivity with shorter tact time by the enhanced regeneration function

Designed for higher added values

The outstanding drive performance and various functions create higher added values.

  • Customizing inverter operation for each machine
  • Same spare inverters for various applications
  • Improving work efficiency by powerful high-speed operation
  • Expanding the range of applications using inverter options

Designed for improved operation safety

Humans and FA devices can work together by enhancing functional safety.

  • Wireless access with hard-to-reach inverters
  • Attaining both safety and productivity
  • STO (safe torque off) function
  • SLS (safely-limited speed) function

Energy Saving

Use of induction motors or PM motors contributes to energy saving.

  • Energy-saving with motors
  • Supporting step-by-step energy saving solution
  • Energy-saving with inverters
  • Advanced optimum excitation control
  • Energy-saving monitoring
  • Energy-saving with the regenerative option

Improved maintainability

Functions for residual life diagnosis, predictive maintenance, and preventive maintenance support stable system operation.

  • Real-time monitoring for early fault detection
  • Supporting scheduled maintenance planning
  • Supporting preventive maintenance of peripherals
  • Thorough customer support

Downtime reduction

When a fault occurs, AI analysis and other diagnosis functions solve the problem quickly

  • Streamlining the installation process
  • Quick reaction to troubles
  • Easy and fast wiring
  • Troubleshooting supported by AI technology
  • Trouble analysis from a remote location

Engineering Tools

  • Engineering software for further ease of operation
  • The work efficiency can be improved for each of the design, operation, and maintenance processes
  • Further facilitating operation with the capacity selection software
  • Further facilitating operation with the selection guide software
  • Further facilitating operation with Edgecross
  • Further facilitating operation with GOT interaction functions