Affordable, global. end-to-end IP data connectivity

Mitsubishi M2M

Mitsubishi Machine 2 Machine

The Product

The Mitsubishi M2M delivers affordable, global. end-to-end IP data connectivity in industry sectors such as environmental monitoring, SmartGrid, pipeline monitoring, machine monitoring, mining, water utilities. telecommunication, building and facilities management sectors. The solution is built on our SCADA and the Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-F FX5 Series PLC’s for both control and data acquisition to and from remote sites.

Remote Programming
Program PLC over the GPRS network
More Efficient Communications results in lower data costs
Simple Diagnostics
Dedicated Link Manager for communications
Compatible with the Mitsubishi MELSEC iQ-F FX5 Series

Mind2Machine M2M
Mind2Machine M2M
Mind2Machine M2M

Remote Configuration and Monitoring

The Mitsubishi M2M solution provides remote communication with the PLC without the presence of an on-site technician. The operator can monitor and control an individual or group of devices through our SCADA interface. This solution can also allow a technician to do PLC programming over the air to the M2M device. No need for the technician to go out to the site to do a program change.

Link Manager 

The intelligent M2M driver in our SCADA automatically monitors the connection between our SCADA IO Server and the PLC in the field, without the need to poll or establish a connection to the device. The Operator will be notified if the link goes down. The Operator will also be notified when the comms link is healthy again. Diagnostics and management information on communications is available for any device on the M2M network.

No Fixed IP Required

The Mitsubishi M2M solution does not require a fixed IP or Dynamic DNS middleware. This means you can use this solution on any GPRS network and not require a static IP from your ISP I Internet Service Provider). The only fixed IP required is at the SCADA IO Server.

Low Bandwith Impact 

The Mitsubishi M2M offers efficient communications with cost-effective data transfer costs. The PLC can be configured to send data on a time interval, when storage buffer limits are reached or manually polled. Event and Alarm data is transmitted to the SCADA immediately. Communications can be set to live mode which will show real-time data as the site changes.

Integrated Automation Solution SCADA Features:

  • Advanced Graphics Visualization
  • Real-time and Historical Trending
  • Wizards and Templates Functionality
  • Our SCADA Web Interface
  • Scripting and Custom Controls Support
  • Advanced Security
  • Reliable Data Acquisition
  • Auditing and User Management
  • Advanced Alarming
  • Redundant Server Capability

Protocol Features:

  • No Fixed IP addresses need for field device
  • PLC is the master of the communications
  • Link Management – alarm if comms link goes down
  • Real-time, history of process data, events and alarms are buffered – no loss of data
  • Process data can be dead-banded at PLC – control and manage the amount of data transmitted
  • Remote PLC programming if supported by the modem
  • Auto emptying of historical buffer
  • Buffers are all FIFO and circular
  • Statistical device transmission data available-manage data costs

Machine 2 Machine Applications

Machine 2 Machine Applications