Mitsubishi Servo Drive Range

Unlock performance with a total drive solution


Mitsubishi – Servo Drive Range

Mitsubishi Servo System – advanced and flexible.

Mitsubishi servo has a variety kind of motors (Rotary, linear and direct drive motors) in order to achieve the best machine performance.

Industry-leading performance MELSERVO supports various system configurations.

Mitsubishi Electric servo systems have built a track record of outstanding performance across a broad range of fields including liquid crystals and clean conveyors. Going beyond servo amplifiers and motors, Mitsubishi Electric offers system-level solutions that include programmable controllers, Motion controllers, and networks to satisfy a broad scope of needs.

Material handling

Mitsubishi Electric servos support a wide variety of distribution and material handling systems. High-speed material handling and high-accuracy positioning with our servos promote efficiency and labour-savings in your production and handling line.

Food processing machines

Mitsubishi Electric servos play important roles in a wide variety of food product manufacturing processes such as shaping, filling, cutting, and packaging of food products made of all kinds of ingredients and in all shapes and sizes.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

In today’s semiconductor manufacturing process, wafer diameter is getting larger and components smaller. To meet the requirements of higher quality and productivity, Mitsubishi Electric’s high-performance servos and high-resolution encoder achieve fast and accurate positioning at stable speeds.


Flexible mounting of electronic components with high speed and density is demanded in printed circuit board applications. Mitsubishi Electric offers a high level of servo system solutions for rapid mounting of highly miniaturized components and for flexible mounting of irregular shapes.

Automobile  manufacturing lines

Motion control using linear and circular interpolation and electronic cams in various types of processing lines support automobile manufacturing by boosting the productivity and flexibility of the assembly line.

Knitting and embroidery machines

Mitsubishi Electric servos satisfy the textile industry’s specific needs of multiobjective production and quality improvement. Our latest technologies enhance the uniformity of quality and production speed.

LCD manufacturing systems

In addition to the high-speed and high-accuracy positioning control, linear servos and a broad array of other actuators play important roles in the manufacturing of constantly evolving flat panel displays.

Printing machines

Mitsubishi Electric provides high-accuracy synchronous system solutions for the paper feeding, printing, cutting, and assembly functions within the printing process. We make high-speed, high-quality printing possible.

Moulding machines

Various shapes of works are moulded with high precision by motion control using electronic cams and by high-response servos with high-precision encoders.

Machine tools

High-performance servos enable fast and accurate positioning and support high-speed handling of works. We promote the sophisticated machining capabilities that are a key part of the world’s most advanced manufacturing.

MR-JE Series

Low-Cost Powerful Servo System

Easy to use

  • True one touch auto-tuning
  • Quick, easy set-up and maintenance.
  • Servo adjustment with only one touch.

Better machine performance

  • Vibration suppression and machine diagnostics functionality.
  • High torque capability, even at 6000 rpm.
  • Incremental encoder ensures high accuracy positioning and smooth rotation.

MR-J4 Series

Innovative Servo Technology

Safe and user friendly

  • Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safety Stop1 (SS1).
  • Easy to fit any type of motor.
  • User-friendly software with MR Configurator2.

Innovative and powerful

  • Industry-leading servo amplifier performance.
  • Advanced One-touch tuning function.
  • Vibration suppression control.
  • Life diagnosis function and machine diagnostic function.

MR-J5 Series

Next Generation Servo System

Key Features

  • Higher machine speeds and greater accuracy
  • High-speed communication with CC-Link-IE TSN
  • New HK series servo motors contribute to machine value
  • Connectivity with multiple industrial open networks
  • Supporting energy saving through a DC common bus
  • Greater system expandability with new motion control unit
  • Reducing TCO further through enhanced GX Works3 engineering tool